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Quiet Tuesday

Today was a very quiet day. I didn’t do much today other than read but it was nice to have a day to just read. I am currently reading “The Trench” by Steve Alten. It’s the second book in the “Meg” series.

At lunch time I had two new friends stop by and say hi. They stuck around for lunch. Yes, they are birds. Their names are George and Martha. Don’t judge me for hanging out with birds.



Tonight. since I had some time to kill, I decide to make a meatloaf. I have never made one before but I kind of knew what went into making one. I won’t post the recipe yet because even though it tasted good, it didn’t set right. I need to play with it more to make it right. I used ritz crackers instead of breadcrumbs because I had bacon flavored ritz crackers. They may have made it too moist. I also may have over mushed it when mix it. Oh well. Live and learn. It was still good enough taste wise for Jeremy to eat two servings of it.


Tomorrow will be another quiet day. I have to wait around for maintenance to come over to look at my dishwasher. Since we moved in our dishwasher doesn’t dry. I can flip the switch to heated dry from energy saver. And since it is so humid here if I was dishes at night and then open the door to let them air dry overnight, they are still covered in water. I’m getting tired of having to hand dry everything before I put it away. Hopefully they can fix it tomorrow.

I did get some news yesterday from Jeremy. He has been selected to go back to the states next month for a few weeks to prep a boat for deployment. I don’t have any specifics yet but he will be on the West Coast I think. It will suck having him being gone for so long and we aren’t sure if he will have the ability to call or message me but it could be a lot worse. It could be a deployment. Thankfully it isn’t. This is the life I signed up for when I married Jeremy.

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