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Recovery Time

One of the things you’ll learn about me over the course of this blog is that I am a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis survivor. Hashimoto’s or Hashi’s is an autoimmune disease where my body creates antibodies that attack my thyroid during flair ups. To be able to control the flair ups I need to know my triggers and avoid them. Sounds easy right? Not really. Triggers change. Something I use to be able to enjoy can suddenly cause my flair ups. Currently my triggers are chemical preservatives, chemical food coloring, and stress. The chemical stress causes the minor flair ups resulting in weight gain, bloating, pain in my joints, brain fog, and irritability. Stress is my killer. Stress does the above and more. It makes me worn out, makes my whole body sore, and can cause nodules on my thyroid. Nodules can lead to cancer.


Stress can come in many forms: physical, emotional, internal, and external. Stress can come from work, friends, working out, even fun. That’s one of things that others don’t understand. Like this weekend. We hung out with Michael, Jessica, Seth, and Adrian both Friday and Saturday night. I very rarely do that. If I go out or entertain I limit it to once a week or space it out with a few days in between. I need time to recover. Even though we didn’t do anything strenuous (we played board games and watched movies) it still wore me out. We spent the night over at Michael and Jessica’s house last night. Jeremy and I slept until 11 and we were home by 2pm. I immediately came home and climbed into bed and slept for another 4 hours. Even now I feel exhausted.


I try to eat naturally and avoid stress but sometimes you can’t help it. Between the wedding and Japan I have a lot of stress naturally. My thyroid meds help a lot but I know I need to listen to my body. If I feel tired I know I need to relax and lay on our heating blanket. Jeremy understands and tries to keep me from taking on too much. He also understands why I can’t work out like him but encourages me to keep up my walking and workout videos. He knows that weight lifting and running affects my body differently than him. Jeremy has been my rock through this since I was just diagnosed last year. We had a few cancer scares last year and he never wavered during any of it. I know I am marrying an amazing man.


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  1. Wow… That sounds like me!! I even get something that looks like a goitre now and again! My periods are heavy, and I get headaches.. Doctors in the U.K, have told me I’m too young to have such a problem.. Even though I have a great aunt who had overactive thyroid years ago! These doctors are ridiculous..

    1. Wow. Have you been tested for the antibodies yet? If not, I highly recommend getting tested. My doctor said this is something I have had all my life but I never knew this existed until she did the test. She was a new doctor I was seeing right after I moved here. I went to her because I was really dizzy for a few days. She is the first doctor I’ve ever had to run the test. Since I was diagnosed I have realized some things that were normal for me was actually the Hashimoto’s (ie feeling dizzy or tired after a shower, gaining weight quickly but physically impossible to lose it no matter you do, etc). Please get tested and I hope you are able to feel better soon. Please keep me updated on what’s going on and let me know if you have any questions. If you want you can email me at

      1. The doctors in the states and doctors in the u.k act differently towards their patience. If you are under 30 everyone seems to tell you that you’re too young.. I overheard doctors talking about their suspicions.. But came the “You’re too young” convo.. I have changed doctors 3 times as everytime they do thyroid peroxidase tests, mine end up going missing! Then they tell me rubbish! I suffer embarrassing memory loss, my hair hasnt grown back properly for a while,my periods are getting heavier- I have to change myself 5 times a day at least.. Including waking up in the night sometimes! I also suffer muscle pain and God help me when it’s cold!! My hair is dry and I go between losing a couple of pounds and putting on pounds! I am seriously considering going private.. I’m suffering and they are not listening! I will update you.. Tired and sometimes depressed and emotional for no reason too.. Annoying!

      2. You really sound like you have hypothyroidism and quite possibly Hashimoto’s (which can trigger the hypothyroidism). What does going private mean?

        I know here in the states you can order some of the test off the internet and send them in to certain labs. Its expensive but sometimes it is people’s only option when trying to get the proof they need for the doctor to take them seriously. If you like I can ask some of my friends in support group if they know if a similar option is available in the UK.

      3. I know of labs but they are about an hours train ride or so away.. And the price is quite much.. I will have to do something soon.. I have been overweight since childhood, and now they are telling me I’m diabetic! There must be a connection somewhere! I don’t know if this has caused more problems for you, but English doctors tend to be slow about diagnosing illnesses.. Thats why with more serious illnesses, people die.. In America, unfortunately its a case of insurance and money.. Thank you for your advice .

        Have they put you on any medication?

      4. I am currently on Armour and I LOVE it. The meds they had me on before were awful. They had me on levothroxine and synthroid and those made me feel more sick than before I was diagnosed. I literally could not get out of bed. I slept forever. At least once I drove through an intersection because I suddenly forgot how traffic lights worked. I was unable to speak correctly but I didn’t realize it (ie I was trying to tell my mom about apples but I kept calling them purples). It was scary. Since going on Armour and changing my diet I feel a lot better.

      5. They really aren’t because we have so many oddball symptoms that doctors are all often willing to right off as someone looking for attention.

  2. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s too, and I like reading about other people’s experiences. I have been blessed, after years of misdiagnoses, with a REALLY good alternative doctor who pretty much wiped out my symptoms. Only problem? No sugar or gluten or soy or processed foods. I find that very difficult, but I know when symptoms pop up to work hard at correcting myself. I hope you get some good rest and feel better! Come on by my blog, if you would like! Love and light.

    1. Thank you for following my blog! I am now following yours as well. 🙂 I love that you write about Hashimoto’s as well. Its not that widely talked about (despite the fact that it affects a lot of people) but when I meet someone with it, I feel like I finally met someone who can finally understand.

      I’m glad you find a good doctor. I understand about the gluten and the soy (normal to see if those are triggers) but is it all sugars you can’t have or just processed sugar? I’ll add some of my favorite recipes that will meet your requirements to the recipe blog if you like.

  3. MY LORD yesss, People do not get the difference between sleepy and tired of working out and exercise and normal days and having a disorder that ZAPS you all the time. I’m telling you, there are days when my husband says i’m tired that I’m like you don’t know the half let me take all but 10% of your energy and then let you begin your day! LOL

      1. I just finished the post. It will be posting tonight at midnight my time (10am EST). I tagged you in it so it is easy to find when it posts. I hope it helps. 🙂

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