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Reminder: I Don’t Live In A Crime Show

I have had a semi unique up bringing. My dad is a retired police captain and my mom is a retired 911 dispatcher. Growing up I would watch police shows with my dad. We had a game for certain shows where we would compete to figure out who the killer is and what their motive was. Dad, being a police officer, pretty much won every time. I still play this game by myself when I watch those kinds of shows or movies. Its to the point I can’t watch the ID channel anymore because I know all of those crimes. It sometimes creeps Jeremy out that I know so much, especially serial killers. After watching “Gone Girl” he promised to NEVER cheat on me because he knows I can pull of the same thing if I wanted to.

I use those skills I learned from my dad in everyday ways. Its what made me an awesome nanny. I was able to solve two break in rings in the neighborhoods that I worked in. One was two guys that would go door to door selling meat but if no one answered the door they would break in. They knocked on the door of the house I was nannying at. I knew of the break ins and they seemed suspicious. I mean who sells meat out of a cooler in the back of the van. I figured I had to get more info. I explained to the guy that I was the nanny but my bosses would probably like them to come back later for some meat hoping he would give me his number. When that didn’t work I started flirting with his friend. Not only did he ask me out but I got his number and he let me take his photo for the I’d picature for when he would call me to set up the date. After they left I called the police and gave them the info and forwarded the photo. They were caught within a week.

The second family I worked for was in a new housing development. There were still new homes being constructed. It was taking longer than normal to build them because someone was stealing copper wiring at night. The neighborhood had a security guard but he never caught anyone doing anything. I was the one to notice that every evening about an hour after the construction workers left, a grey van similar to their vans would drive back into the neighborhood and go to an under construction home for about thirty minutes and then drive away before the security guard would show up. I took down a description of the van and its plates while playing with the kids outside one day. I sent it to the home owners association office the next morning. Turns out that van belonged to the people stealing the copper wiring.

I mention these to show that I pick up on things that don’t seem right. I follow my hunch and usually I’m right. Sometimes I can’t get people to understand when things bother me. Like last night when Jeremy and I went to the mall. It was raining and he wanted to get inside quickly. I was standing by the car trying to get a picture of the flags at half mast when I noticed a stroller by a car. No one was in the car from what I could tell. I stood there for a moment because something felt off. Jeremy wanted to go inside and was walking away. I went to the stroller. There was no kid inside of it but there was a drink on top and it still had ice in it so who ever left there it was recent. I looked in the car but the car didn’t have a car seat. The way the stroller was parked it would have been hit if someone had parked in that space.


I walked into Barnes And Nobles and had a sales associate call mall security. Mall security came out and immediately said it was just a tired mom who left it. I’m hoping that was all that happenedĀ  it in my mind I can’t help thinking something worse. It really bothered me that noone else thought it was odd. It was a really nice stroller and it looked fairly new. How do you just leave a stroller some where? I hope the owner is safe and my mind is just hyperactive.

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  1. That stroller does look suspicious. I would have been suspicious and worried if a car coming into park could hit the stroller with a kid inside it … It looks so abandonely … creepy … Did you check on this further?

    The other day when I went to the city I have to walked down to the bus stop. My car is still at the workshop and so bus is the only choice I have. There is the train, but it go to another direction. There is a boy of 10 or 11 is also there waiting for his bus to come and the was busy playing his Nintendo. There were an old lady in mid 60’s perhaps and a young teen (also just coming from school). We all waited for the next bus to come in 15 minutes …. Then came this guy …

    He wear a thick glass and pretty small, perhaps in mid 30’s. Not sure. But he has this weird sort of character like he is watching every one of us closely and sniffing all the time as if he got something in his nose. Then he was eyeing this school boy and came close to the side and speak to the kid. I heard him whispering some words like if the boy interested he can come together to his apartment of which is not far and he has all the new games for Nintendo and Wii and even PlayStation. The boy did responded and asking him what games he has and if he has the new Mario for 3D Nintendo and he said yes. Oh, boy … that guy is creepy and he knows how to play his words – very manipulative.

    Then I went to the boy and asked him how is his mom and told him I saw her at the shop that morning. (It was just a lie to trick that guy to leave the boy alone because someone knows the kid and I would recognize him). The guy did not leave and he won’t give up and whispering further of interesting games to the boy and starting to take the boy hand to lead him the way to his apartment (where it is).

    I called to the guy to ask him of who he is and where does he stay and if he knows the boy’s parents. I ask him for his handphone number in case of emergency so that I can reach out to him if his Mom searching for her son. I just knew it instantly that there is something wrong with that guy and he lied to me that he has no handphone at all when something ringing in one of his pocket jacket. That is when he stopped and blinked at me for a second and walked away fast.

    Before anything else, I switch on my handphone’s camera and make a few shot of him and went to do report at the police station. But as usual they do nothing because NOTHING happen … really pity. I WhatsApp the pic of that guy to every Mommies I know at the school and in the area to watch over this creepy guy. And I send the pics to the kids too, so that they watch their back.

    Some things are really just not right and we know it before we investigate it …. Ugh!

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