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Row Row Row Your Boat

One of the things I have seen often around the Kintai-kyo are the Japanese boats along the shore. I have been wanting take a ride in them for a while but haven’t seen when they would be offering the rides when I was available to do it. Jeremy and I went down to the Kintai one weekend to see a matchlock gun demonstration. We walked all around the area but couldn’t find where the display was going to be. Instead we found the boats and they were getting ready to take people out onto the Nishiki River. Jeremy and I decided to do that instead.

We lined up with the other people and ended up being first in line for when the boats showed up.

At the bow of the boat, we had to take our shoes off (thank goodness I decided to wear my slip ons instead of my tennis shoes). Then we had to climb across the seats lining the boat to sit in the back. The seats were surprisingly comfy. The squeezed as many people onto the boat as possible but it was still comfy and didn’t feel that cramped. There was one gentleman in the front that poled the boat forward and one in the back that steered.

The boat ride took us up the Nishiki River about 20 minutes and then went back to the back. When we were going away from the Kintai bridge we saw the people from the matchlock gun demonstration walk across the bridge in their samurai outfits and carrying banners.


The ride was gentle and very relaxing. The Japanese that were on the boat with us tried to ask us a little bit about where we are from and what Jeremy did for work. I really wish I knew more Japanese so that I could talk more with them. After the boat ride, Jeremy and I went down by the Kintai to get ice cream like we usually do. I love our little traditions.

We did see our first “do not use Pokemon and walk” sign. It was interesting to that. On the way back to the car we saw the demonstration for the matchlock guns across the river in the parking lot. It was just wrapping up so we got to hear a few of the shots before we left. They are suppose to have another demonstration before I go, so maybe we can see it then.

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