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Shutter Bug Fever

A couple of weeks ago I found out that one of the photographers on base was having a talent search. The talent search winner would have a 5 month internship with her learning everything about photography and how to run a photography business. I applied for the talent search but didn’t have much hope in winning. Most of the photos I had to submit were taken with my iPhone. I have a nice camera but honestly don’t know how to work it. It is nothing like the film cameras I use to use. Also I don’t know much about photography. People have complimented my photographs and I have been told many times that I have a natural eye. I figured I would apply and at the least I could get some critique on my photos.ย 

I was surprised when I found out last week that I was selected as one of five finalists. In order to pick a finalist, we were required to attend a photography 101 class. After the class we would go to the Kintai area, where we would take photos of her family. I was really excited for this because I want to learn more about photography. The class itself was great. I actually learned quite a bit. In fact I learned why I haven’t been able to figure out out my camera. Turns out its just a fancy point in shoot designed to look like a professional camera. Oops. Even though it was just a point and shoot camera, her class ended up helping me a lot. It explained what I use to do with film camera but didn’t know the technical terms for.

At the Kintai I was actually partnered with the photographer herself to take pictures of. It was difficult to do because she was often helping everyone else and almost every photo I took of her, she kind of looked pissed off. I knew I couldn’t submit those. I took a break for taking her picture to readjust my focus.

After refocusing I was able to capture some decent pictures of her. I know my editing still needs some work but that would be part of the internship. I was pretty happy with the three photos I submitted of her.

Today I finally got to meet with her to see who she chose for her internship. She told me that I have good potential and that I should consider photography. The photograph of her and her husband working on the camera was the hands down favorite of the day. She said I needed to work on my editing and making my pictures more interesting but she loved that I am blank slate and have no bad mistakes to correct. She love my enthusiasm. The main reason I wasn’t being picked for the internship was because she didn’t think I had the energy to start a business. Um what? I started a successful dog treat business in Jacksonville, NC and I run a blog with over 7 thousand followers. I have the energy for starting a business. I’m really disappointed I didn’t get selected. She said that I am the runner up so I may still get a shot.

But I’m not giving up. I’ve been looking into photography programs and I think I may have found one offered through MYCAA. Also next week, Jeremy and I are going to look at a nice camera for sale. I’m going to take her advice and start my own company after I learn a little bit more about photography. I’m going to prove to her that I have the energy to do it.

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  1. One reason I love reading your blog is that I’m reminded you lived but mere minutes from me. It gives me hope that I, too, can have an eventful life.

    The photographs look amazing; I picked the one with her working on the camera as my favorite before finding out it was everyone else’s favorite, too.

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