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Small Steps For The Future

Last week when I wrote the post “Bye Bye Fat Girl” it was a way for me to tell myself I was serious about the weight loss this time. I wasn’t expecting the response I got from all of you. So many comments, emails, Facebook messages, and more and all were positives messages. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement and advice. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. The support I feel this time makes me actually believe that I can achieve my goals.

It has been about a week since that post and I have been working hard to make changes. I realized that I need to make small gradual changes in order to be able to carry this long term. Small steps will be easier to accept than going cold turkey and cutting too many things at once or going crazy with tons of exercise. The two big things I have been focusing on this week are being mindful of what I’m eating/ drinking and increasing my exercise.

Previously when I tried to lose weight I tried tracking food with My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal is great but it never really pushed me to do better. When I am tracking my food I can keep my calories under what it recommends but it doesn’t really help me with choosing a healthier food option versus another food. I did my research this time and I found My Net Diary. My Net Diary offers much more than My Fitness Pal does.

When I enter in a new food or log meal, My Net Diary will pull up the nutrition facts like My Fitness Pal but, unlike My Fitness Pal, it gives me a food grade. By using the food grade I can see quickly what is a good food choice and what isn’t. On more than one occasion I have had to decide between two different foods that were around the same calories but because I had the food grade, I could tell which one was actually a healthier option. Another thing I love about My Net Diary is that isn’t just how many servings am I taking in. It breaks it down in other measurements such as cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, ounce, gram, milliliter, or package. Since Jeremy is gone I can take the time to actually measure out each part of my meal to know what I exactly I am eating. The more I use something the better I get at eyeballing the measurement.

There are two things I don’t like about the app. The first is that it likes to change what weight I put in. It will add or subtract .2 to .4 pounds. I keep track of my actual weight with the MY Weight app because it is more reliable. The second thing is that while the database is quite large for American foods, it is lacking when it comes to most Japanese foods. I use My Fitness Pal to scan the labels of Japanese foods to figure out the calorie count and then I find something comparable for it in the My Net Diary. It’s not perfect but it helps be mindful of what I am eating.

I have been working on cutting down on how much sugar I have. Since I am cutting out soda I have been trying to focus on drinking tea more. I have been trying to increase my water but drinking just water is boring and tasteless. Since I am a southern girl I love super sweet tea. I calculated that when I make our pitcher of tea which is 4 liters big I usually put 3 cups of sugar or more. This week I have started making individual glass of tea and I have been cutting back. I stuck a tablespoon in our sugar jar so I know exactly how much I am using. As of today I am using 3 tablespoons of sugar in a liter (for people like me who can’t do math in their head that is 75% less sugar than I use to use)! This may sound weird but when I get half way through tea I refill it with water can let the tea bag redrew for a bit so I can continuing drinking the tea. I don’t add more sugar to it but it doesn’t really taste that different. I am hoping that I can work my way down to have completely sugarless tea. That is my goal for next week.

I have also been working walking more places and actually being up and moving more. Since my post last week I actually had people on this base reach out to me and say that they would walk with me or exercise with me. The surprising part is there were people messaging me that I haven’t met before that live on this base that were offering to help me get more exercise (I am always surprise when I meet someone that actually reads this blog). I walked to work once last week. I would have walked more but it was raining Friday and on Sunday I needed to run errands before and after work so I needed the car. When I am at work, I really try hard to not sit down. If it’s dead and I am not working on anything I try to pace around the restaurant. I need to get a new Fitbit because my is getting burnt out from getting wet repeatedly from washing dishes by hand at work. I am hoping to find one that is waterproof so I can swim with it.

I have gone grocery shopping twice this week. It was awkward at first scanning each item or looking it up because I didn’t want people to see that I doing it. I don’t know why but it its a little bit embarrassing to scan stuff to check the calories or entering the food stuff into the app when I am eating out with friends. I’m pretty sure that I am not being judge for doing this stuff but it still feels awkward. The more I do it the more comfortable I will feel about it. I just need to make it a habit.

I went to Costco with some friends on Monday. Shopping at Costco in Hiroshima was a lot easier than at the commissary. There was more options for foods at a better price. I bought bananas, vegan veggie burgers (they looked really yummy), pretzel knots, a large salad, and large bag of snack popcorns. The popcorn is for throwing in my bag to have something to munch on if I need it instead of ordering fries or something equally unhealthy. I bought the pretzel knots because they are smaller than the bread I usually use and less calories for making sandwiches. Plus the taste and texture will make it feel more like a treat instead of a diet. I used the knots with the veggies burgers for dinner last night. It was delicious. Next time I am splitting a slice of cheese between the two rolls. I used both slices because it was about to expire and I didn’t want the cheese to go bad.

I have new goals this week to help me achieve my weightless. I’m going to continue cutting down on sugar. I am going to try and reach at least 5k steps each day (I’m averaging 3k steps). I am going to start the running program this week (I got too busy this week).


I am happy to report that I am already starting to see results. For the past two days I have weighed in at 315.6 pounds! That means I lost 7.6 pounds this week! I only 15.4 pounds left before I reach my first goal of 300 pounds by November 1st. Once I meet that goal my next goal will be 275 pounds. I am giving myself lots of little goals to meet so I don’t feel frustrated when I don’t meet a goal that was too big. Yes I want to lose a lot of weight but I need to do it right this time. I really think I can do it this time. My motivation is different, I have a better support system, and I am really researching how I want to do everything.

17 thoughts on “Small Steps For The Future

    1. Thank you! You should have seen me yesterday. I didn’t believe the scale. I carried it to different rooms to see if something was wrong with scale. I must have gotten on and off a dozen times before I was like “this is real!”. To weigh in the same weight today just showed me that this wasn’t just a fluctuation but a legitimate weigh loss. I was so happy!

    1. Thank you! I did hit a rough patch but still managed to stay on tract so I guess it wasn’t as rough as I thought it was. But I am definitely making progress towards my goals. Thank you for the encouragement.

      1. Oh yes…the rough patches! We all hit those! It’s unfortunately just the way life goes. As long as our goods are much more frequent than our bads I think we’re doing okay!

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