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Smiles And Blessings In Iwakuni

Today Jeremy, Marcus, and I went to a festival in downtown Iwakuni. It turned out to be more of a street fair. It reminded me of the street fairs back home.


I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of the high school bands playing Blues Brothers.


There were a variety of vendors there. Some selling produce, others selling artwork, most others were selling playing cards. Those most interested Jeremy. We also found a random band playing music.





I was excited to check out the various food vendors. Marcus found fries and fried chicken. He claimed they were authentic Japanese food though. Jeremy found squid on a stick. I found a vendor selling Italian sodas. We also found a vendor selling fried spaghetti noodles. They fried dried spaghetti noodles. It looked interesting and all the kids seemed to enjoying munching on them.






While walking down Yellow Brick Road, we watched the kids and some adults coloring on long strips of paper. It was genius. The kids could color while the parents and grandparents ate at tables outside many of the restaurants. IMG_2890



In one of the parking lots we found a large dance show going on. It was interesting to watch. After that show, we found another group rehearsing to go on stage.



Walking back through the fair we noticed many of the vendors packing up. It was odd because the parade wasn’t suppose to start for another couple of hours. Luckily I found an amazing doll in a glass case being sold.


We also found two Japanese girls dressed up. I’m not sure what they were dressed up as but I thought they were beautiful and they were having a lot of fun taking pictures with people.



The parade ended up starting up sooner than we were expecting. It came in two parts. I recorded both parts for you in two separate videos.

The second part seemed to be more religious. I think I got a blessing at one point. I’m not entirely sure what was going on. I was just copying what others were doing at the time. I should explain that white snake is the symbol of Iwakuni because it is the only known location of a certain breed of albino snake. I apologize for the wonky filming towards the end. I had handed the phone to Jeremy to record the monster looking creature blessing me (I hope he was blessing me).

The whole event was quite fun. I know next time to go earlier in the day so we can explore more. I want to look more into what this event was for. Maybe next year I will understand it better.

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