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Snip Snip Chop Chop

For those of you who haven’t been to Southern Japan, it is humid here. On a good day its 60% humidity but during summer and other warm days it can 80%-90% humidity. With A/C it is tolerable but without it, I am dying. One of the things I have started not being able to stand is my hair on my neck. I have been trying to grow it back out but it is at that awkward stage of most it being long enough to put in a ponytail but there is a decent amount at the bottom that is too short for the ponytail and too short and thick to be clipped up without a ton of hairspray. I have been wanting to change it up. So I decided to chop it all off.

When making a change why not use a Disney Princess for inspiration? I love how Gennifer Goodwin looks with short hair so I decided I was going to try out her style.

Saori from Explore Translation made the reservation for me. I seriously don’t know what I would do without Saori and her translating services. She has been a Godsend for meeting new businesses and exploring new areas off base.

Saori recommended Suibi. It is near the back gate and very easy to find. Danielle went with me since I was nervous to go by myself to make such a drastic change. The staff greeted us and made us feel right at home. The staff took my purse to keep behind the register during my appointment before leading to the area to wash my hair. I was impressed with how the salon itself looked.


Normally I hate having my washed at salons because either the chairs are uncomfortable or the person washing my hair was too rough. My experience at Suibi was the opposite. The chair was actually very comfortable and the person who was washing my hair was so gentle I almost fell asleep. I did find it out that she put a cloth over my face but I know it was to keep the water from splashing my face.

After washing my hair, the woman led me and Danielle to one of the chairs to get my haircut done. Before the haircut actually happened I was surprised with a head and neck massage. It was much needed and felt amazing. I wish American salons would do this more often. When she finished she helped me put the smock on to protect my clothes from the hair being cut. The smock was surprising because until my capes we have in American, these actually had sleeves so I could use my phone to show the person who would be cutting my hair the pictures I wanted my hair to look like. It was so freeing to be able to have my arms out and not kept under a cape.

The woman cutting my hair was great. She called Saori to ask her a few questions that she wanted to ask me like do I want my hair thinned out (I did), did I want my hair cut around the ears like in the pictures (I did), did I want it that short in the back (again yes), did I want layers (not really). After the phone call she started cutting my hair. She was fast but really great. For the first time I didn’t have to ask the hairstylist to redo a section. She copied the photo exactly. She also showed me different ways to style it. I absolutely loved it.

Since I was a first time customer I received 10% off of my total. I was really surprised by the total of the services. It was only ¥3,642 ($36.42). This is what I use to paying at Wal-mart back home to cut my hair (don’t judge but the girl at the Wal-mart in Jacksonville, NC use to be better than the other places I went to before Japan) but I got so much more for my money. Also since this is Japan, you don’t tip the employees. That did feel awkward because I am so use to tipping for great services.

I am still getting use to my reflection but I LOVE my hair. Its change but I’m really happy with it. What do y’all think about it?


10 thoughts on “Snip Snip Chop Chop

  1. It looks great! A haircut makes all the difference sometimes. I cut my hair shorter a new months, and I feel amazing. It’s collarbone-length, and I felt so much lighter afterward!

      1. Thank you! I think that was a photo from last year? I can’t remember. My husband has promised that he will take a series of new headshots for me around Christmastime!

  2. I forget you lived near me for a time. I’ll be reading along and BAM – there’s something I know! They just remodeled the outside of the Jacksonville Wal-Mart 🙂

  3. I just got my hair cut yesterday here in Funehiki, and I was surprised by the quality of service too!! It was the best hair experience I’ve ever had – the head and back massage felt amazing and they did such a great job with the cut. Your hair looks great!

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