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So I Guess Sex Sells… (18+)

I have gotten a lot of requests for this post. I have a feeling this will be a two parter because I didn’t even get pictures of the whole store. What store am I talking about? Well if you can’t tell by the title, it’s the sex store I wrote about previously. I found out that there is suppose to be other stores like this one in Iwakuni and that this is the smallest one.


First thing I should say about this place is that it’s two stores in one. It has a card and manga shop on one side. I won a teddy bear from one of the games on that side. Jeremy likes going to the card part to get Yugioh or Dragon Ball Z cards. If you go through a curtain on the other side of the card shop you’ll enter the sex shop. I thought this store was pretty big for a sex store (not that I have been in many to compare to this).

This is just two of the four aisle ways of porn. I’m not a porn watcher so I don’t have much to judge on the porn offered here. Scat porn (I regret googling the proper name for this type of porn) seem to be the most popular. Lesbian and sex with teacher seemed to be the next most popular. I was horrified at the amount of underage looking porn videos.


If videos don’t do it for you, they do offer a variety of magazines. Surprisingly though these same magazines can be easily bought at 7-11.


There was also a long aisle of dildos and vibrators. The vibrator in the case is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. It is suppose to be a tentacle. The long part swings around while the shaft has huge  balls rolling up and down it. While all that is going on it also vibrates like a crazy. It looks insanely painful. I also had to show off the smallest dildo I have ever seen. I’ve also never seen an uncircumcised dildo before.

There was an insane amount of used underwear for sale. Again, a lot if it seemed to be of underage girls and children’s underwear.


Sex with cartoons and aliens seem to be oddly popular…

They also have variety of body parts to build your own sex doll. They even have clothes to dress up your doll. Because I know I will receive a message asking this, the cheap boobs for the doll feel like stiff jello. The more expensive ones feel a little more real but not completely real. They are too firm. (I never though I would be describing how fake doll boobs would feel before…)oil1

The shop offers a variety of lubricants. I have no idea what the differences are but some of them are designed to look like bottles of green tea, soda, or other popular Japanese drinks.

I’ll admit it. I don’t know for sure what these are for. Maybe a sex line or a dating service? Possibly an escort service? I’m not calling to find out. My google translator refused to translate them for me. I think it was offended by some of the stuff I was trying to translate earlier in the store. That’s okay. I ended up leaving after taking these photos. There were two Japanese men that kept circling where ever I was walking and trying to see what I was doing. It’s because of them I ended up leaving before getting all the photos I wanted to get. I’m debating on checking out the other stores to see how they are different. Would anyone be interested in a post on those stores if I could find them?

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  1. Wow, Learn something new everyday. Some of what you mentioned I have heard about before, like selling used undies. As much anime and manga as we watch and read here, we are well versed in some things. But you gave me something to look up and share tomorrow with the B and G. If I speak up again?

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