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Sorry For The Noise!

I am one of those people that over plan everything. I like to have a plan with a back up plan and back up back up plan but when the time comes for the plan I usually just go with the flow and try not to stress out too much. I’ve been told this is a sign of anxiety but I don’t know if that is true or not. Anyways during one of these “planning sessions” I was trying to figure out what Jeremy and I would be doing after the move next year. Most of our furniture will take 3 to 6 months to arrive. We should have our express shipment within 6 weeks or so but that shipment would be mostly bedding, kitchen stuff, my desktop computer and photography supplies (if I’m lucky), the cats’ stuff, and maybe a few other things. I know Jeremy will be busy working, so I was wondering what I would be doing to fill the time. I know I right now I have blogging and photography to keep me busy but it may take time to get everything to me. When we fly out of here, depending on if the cats are flying with us or through a pet service, we will only have what we can fit in one or two carryons and one or two suitcases. At this point my photography stuff takes up more than a suitcase. I’m getting a laptop in the next few weeks so I know I can at least do the blogging and writing that I like to do.

While trying to figure all this out I was also going down the rabbit hole of Etsy. Somehow I ended up on a store that sold stamped jewelry. It was really pretty and I was wondering how they did it. So I wondered over to youtube. It seem really easy. Plus the kits for it were small which means I could easily pack them in my suitcase or mail them to our next location. This seemed like a really fun solution. I could be crafty and make pretty things to wear. Win win. I ordered a couple of things from Amazon Prime and a week later I was ready to start my new hobby!


In order to do metal stamping you hammer rods that have a raised design on one into a metal blank. It makes an impression in the metal. To make the impression stand out, you color it in with permanent marker or paint. It seems easy and it is really is once you get the hang of it. I had to learn how hard to hammer the different rods and how to line them up correctly. The first thing I made was a keychain for Jeremy. Unfortunately I though I had to go through about 6 metal discs before I figured out how to do it somewhat correctly. I will definitely have to practice this more so I can make nicer stuff but I’m pretty proud of how his keychain turned out. He seemed to like it too.

Metal stamping i do and adieu 2

After the Ball craziness calms down, I plan to practice a lot more. This isn’t a quiet hobby. The hammering can be kind of loud. Thankfully I construction across the street and concrete walls to muffle the noises from the neighbors. Hopefully my new neighbors won’t mind or if they do, maybe I can bribe them with trinkets.

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