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Speeding Off To Adventure (Osaka & Kyoto Part One)

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Now onward to the blog post!

While Mom was here, the three of us went on our biggest trip yet. We decided to go check out Osaka and Kyoto. Osaka has a huge aquarium with whale sharks and Kyoto has been as much of a dream for Mom to visit as it was mine. We used ITT to plan the trip and to make all the travel arrangements. They really made it easy to plan such a trip.

One of the cool things we decided to do to get out there was to ride the Bullet train. We’ve never been on a Bullet train before and we were all excited to try it out. Before we headed out to the train station, Jeremy did his husbandly duty of taking the trash out while Mom and I took our bags out to the car. While we were loading up the car Jeremy called me on my cellphone and told to come back to the apartment immediately. Worried something was wrong with the cats I ran back inside. Instead he was standing by a jewelry cabinet that he found sitting in the trash room. Except for a scratch on the side and a chip missing on the top, it was perfect. He knew that I have been wanting one forever and brought it up to the apartment for me. With a fixing up it will be as good as new. I absolutely love it. Its the perfect size for all my jewelry and I keep all my special wedding jewelry in the top part.


After that excitement we headed to the Shin station. We would take one Bullet train from Iwakuni to Hiroshima. Then we would switch to a different bullet train to go to Osaka. To go from Osaka to Kyoto we take a regular train and then take the Bullet train from Kyoto back to Iwakuni. The Bullet train is so much quieter and smoother than any of us were expecting. Mom kept having me figure out the speed of the train by using snapchat to show the speed.

Once we got to Osaka, we had to take the metro to our hotel. It was surprisingly easy to figure it out. One of the workers helped Jeremy figure out the ticket booth where we bought our tickets.

From the metro station we had to walk a few blocks to get to our hotel for the night. The buildings in Osaka reminded me more of buildings in Chicago than in Hiroshima. I loved that it still felt safe to walk around and gawk at buildings. Something you can’t do too much in big cities back in the states.

When we booked our hotel with ITT, we knew it would be a nice hotel. We didn’t know that it would look more like an art museum than a hotel. The building that the Grasmere Osaka is in is also a fine art museum. The hotel starts on the 22 floor. Jeremy got a kick out of this because he is obsessed with Taylor Swift. The hotel itself was breathtaking. The lobby of the hotel has an English style chapel in the lobby.

Jeremy was even blown away with the style of the men’s bathroom. He wanted to share his photos of it with y’all. He takes his roll as the husband of a blogger very seriously.

Checking in was easy despite the fact that Jeremy doesn’t have a passport (he will be getting one soon). We had to take a different set of elevators to get to our hotel room. Our hotel room reminded me of hotel rooms back in the states but with more amenities like slippers and pajamas. They also offered a toiletry basket that had everything you could have forgotten (i.e. toothbrush and toothpaste, hair ties, razors, combs, etc). The hospitality of Japan always impresses me.

While we tried to decide where to go for dinner, I started missing how traveling in the states meant spending at least one evening in with a giant greasy pizza from a local shop and hanging out with the family. I miss good American style pizza (the Pizza Hut on base doesn’t count because it is more grease than pizza).

We decided to go to some place local and come back to the hotel room to relax. When came back we realized something was wrong with the television. We couldn’t get any station in except the hotel’s advertisement channel. After some investigating and few phone calls down to the front desk, we found out we had to go to the vending machine room and buy a tv card for ¥1,000 ($10) to put into the DVD player looking device. Then we could view 5 Japanese channels and one channel that showed American movies from the 80’s in English. It was interesting. We ended up watching the American movie channel until bed.

I have much more to share with you about our trip! Its way too much for one post.

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