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Starbucks, St Patrick’s Day, And Sex Toys (18+)

Since coming to Japan, one of the things that every wife seems to collect is Starbucks mugs. I held out for about a year before I decided to start collecting them too. I bought a Hiroshima coffee mug shortly after I came back in November. Then in February Starbucks released their Sakura line of mugs. As usual, they sold out everywhere in about 48 hours. Luckily my neighbor, Dacia, was in Tokyo where they sell out a bit slower and was able to grab me one. It is a really pretty metallic hot pink travel mug. Two weeks after Starbucks released these mugs, they released the Purity line of Sakura mugs. Dacia and I decided to drive to Hiroshima the day they released to go pick up some new mugs.

We drove up in the early afternoon. I misread the directions and ended up missing the super secret squirrel parking lot that I always park in. My SSS parking lot is only a block and half from Hondori Street and on the same side as Starbucks. Plus it is super cheap to park in. Only $5 for the whole day. Other places can be a lot more expensive. Since we missed the turn for the parking lot we found some place else to park. We ended up parking in a unique parking structure. You pull your car into the garage and get out of the car. Once you exit the garage, the workers turn on the carousel that rotates your car around until a free space is available in the garage. It was really cool to watch.

Hiroshima with Dacia2

After we parked tried to find our way to Hondori Street. Turns out we were about six blocks from there. Along the way we found an odd restaurant. We thought it would be Argentinian food because of the name. Turns out it was Italian. We used it a landmark on the way back to figure out where we had to turn to find the garage again.

Hiroshima with Dacia4

When we finally found Hondori Street, we decided to stop off for lunch. We found a sandwich shop that overlooked Hondori Street. The food was great and cheap. I got a cheesy, ham, egg, lettuce sandwich. Since the cheese was so gooey I had to eat it with a knife and fork. It also came with a salad. It was really delicious.

Hiroshima with Dacia5

After lunch we went to Claire’s. Claire’s in Japan is exactly like Claire’s in the States. Dacia and I wanted to see if they had St. Patrick’s day stuff. It was my month to host Bunco and with it being in March, I had to go with a St. Patrick’s theme. Then I realized that I have nothing green. Not even a shirt!!! Thankfully Claire’s had some St. Patrick’s day stuff. I got a large light up bow that we used for tossing around when someone rolled a big bunco, a pin, and a pair of dangly earrings with clovers on them. While we were looking around at Claire’s we realized that the workers had put the Star Of David necklaces with the stars and planets necklaces. I guess they don’t understand Judaism in Japan…

Across the street from Claire’s is Starbucks. The line was out the door when we got there. Thankfully there were quite a few mugs left. Dacia and I were unsure which ones to get. They were all really pretty but a lot were really expensive. I have a hard time spending more than $10 on a coffee mug that I will barely use and over half were $20-35. I ended up finding a tall coffee mug and another travel mug. I couldn’t decide between the two and thankfully they were both on the cheaper end. Plus the travel mug came with a coupon for a free drink when I bring in the mug. I had brought the one that Dacia had brought me and the coupon that came with it to get a chai latte.

With hot beverages in hand we wandered over to Lush. Lush was for the most part the same as the last few times I had been. Then I started reading some of the names. I’m not familiar with Lush in the states but some of these names are a little out there. For example: Honey I Wasted The Kids soap or Don’t Look At Me face wash or Catastrophe Cosmetic. These names don’t really inspire me to buy the products. I did pick up some bath bombs for Jeremy and myself.

As we were walking out of Lush, Dacia mentioned that she wanted to go Don Quixote. I only knew of Don Quixote from the classifieds mentioning that was the go to place for Kit Kats and costumes. It is safe to say that I was not prepared for what Don Quixote really was. The first floor was a grocery store. The second floor had tons of make up. A lot of it was American makeup but I did find Disney Princess eyeliner.

Hiroshima with Dacia11

A bit later we found the exercise area and where they sold clothing to make you appear slimmer. We aren’t sure what this was. It might be a slimming underwear or it might be something to help you lose your tummy fat. Or it might be something else…

Hiroshima with Dacia12

Then we found the costumes. First we found normal costumes that we would see on Halloween. I even found a pair of Katniss ears! Then it started getting weird and oddly naked. This wasn’t even all of the weird costumes we found.

I thought that was the end of the weirdness because we came up on the kids toy area. I found a stuff Katniss and a Katniss sushi game. Then I came upon boob pillows for kids. These even had the nipples. Yes this is meant for kids. I have no words.

Then across the walk way from the kids toys we found a mini sex store. While most of the stuff is behind a thin cloth fabric, there was a huge section of T-shirts, lube, vibrators and loud borderline vulgar commercials playing on repeat right across from the children’s toys. We did what any young American female would do. We giggled and went to go check it out.

The outer area wasn’t as bad as behind the curtain. Behind the curtain, while it is MUCH smaller than the sex store in Iwakuni, it was much more crazier than the sex store. They had various vibrators and toys for guys. They had a continuous video that included how to use a vibrator. There was a coin machine to get a surprise sex toy. We didn’t have change on us so we didn’t test out the coin machine. If I ever go back I will test it out just to see what was in it. They were other products there that I don’t even know what they were used for. I was extremely shocked by this area.

After stumbling out of that area we decided it was best to go home. We were both a bit overwhelmed by Don Quixote. If you ever go to Hiroshima, go check it out. I would just leave the kids outside or on the first floor. No telling what they would see on the rest of the floors. I should also add that you can buy Rolexes and Louis Vuitton purses on top floor and car parts beside the kids section and sex store area. I guess this is Japan’s version of Walmart?

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