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Starting To Finally Blossom Into A Business

This past week I have been working hard with trying to get my photography business up and running. I have been promoting as much as possible which it is hard to do on this base. We don’t have a newspaper to advertise in and the Facebook classifieds I am only allowed to advertise once a week. I’m slowly booking clients but some how I think this would be easier if I was stateside.

I had a sneak peek session for a back to school mini session for this up coming weekend. Danielle’s daughter, Kinsley, was my model for the day. I love working with her. She brings a lot of personality and sass to the photos. While we working, Kinsley and I were talking about doing a dress up photo shoot. I could plan several sessions around her ideas which I will probably end up doing because it is hard not to smile and laugh while working with her. She definitely has her mom’s spunk.

A few days after that I had a great session with Matt and Amanda. They are still new to Iwakuni but wanted a session with their dog, Riley. It was great meeting them because they are actually from my neck of the woods. When comparing Pinterest notes it turned out we had a similar idea for their session.

I met them out at Nagayama Park for their photos. Nagayama Park is a cute little park Jeremy and I found by chance. We were just driving down back roads when we happened to spot it. Its really perfect for photos. It has pond that is lined with cherry blossom trees along one side and a pavilion covered in wisteria on the other side. There is a stone stage that overlooks part of the pond. There is a small forest that wraps around the park with bamboo stairs and path ways going through it. There is also a small rock lined stream with a bridge. Plus the whole park is sunken down so that you aren’t looking at cars or road when taking pictures. I really like it there. It is so peaceful. I can’t wait to see how it looks during spring time.

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  1. Thank you Kelly for following my Blog. Writing my blog is quiet a new experience for me and I know I have a lot to learn about the site yet. Good luck with your exercise plan for the next few weeks. Recently I settled into my routine of early morning exercise 5 or 6 days a week and am showing signs of improvement. I actually enjoy exercise; for me it is a case of keeping the routine and so I try to only think of one day at a time – just today. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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