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Sugar Highs. No Lows.

Insomnia is a pain. Last night I stayed up until 7am before forcing myself to go to sleep for a few hours. Its 4am now and I’m not tired. If I had a light for my bike, I would be biking to the 24 hour grocery store out in town just to wonder the aisles. Instead I am blogging in the hopes when I am done I can fall asleep.

Tonight’s class was fun. The kids decorated the sugar cookies I made yesterday. In our first class, we had a new girl join us to try it out. Her name is Kaho and she is 3 years old. Her older brother joined us with decorating cookies too even though he wasn’t originally there to take part in the class. Unfortunately I did not get his name.


The second class had just as much fun decorating. It was interesting to see how engrossed they got into it. They also got a kick out of carob chips. They were excited because it tasted like chocolate.



After class Junko gave me two huge Asian pears. I was really happy about this because not only do I absolutely LOVE Asian pears but I have been craving fresh fruit and veggies like crazy this week. Seriously to the point I started considering going vegetarian for a bit because I don’t want meat. But then I make meals like I did tonight and I don’t know why I thought I could go without meat.

Tonight dinner was easy. On Tuesdays, since I’m gone for 5-6 hours in the evening, we have started using our crock pot. Today I put a pair of thick pork chops in it with a bottle of Japanese wine, ground mustard, thyme, salt and pepper. It cooked on low heat from noon to about 8pm. Yesterday, Jeremy had made quinoa and peas but since the oil for the fish caught fire, we decided to save it for today. So I just had to heat those up and dinner would be done. Except I really wanted to do something with the Asian pears Junko gave me. So I made stewed pears with one of them. One pear was enough for me and Jeremy.


Okay, its 4:30am. I’m going to attempt sleep again. Wish me luck.

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