Podcast: The Greyhound Bus Museum

This is the transcript and sources for the podcast that just dropped this morning on Paranormal Housewife Podcast. You can listen to it on any streaming service you listen to your podcasts on. Please subscribe to my show to be alerted to when new episodes drop. Please let me know in comments what you thought about today’s episode!  Continue reading Podcast: The Greyhound Bus Museum

This Week’s Theme: Michigan

This week on the blog we are going to be checking out some creepy locations in Michigan. Unfortunately, we haven’t talked about Michigan on the blog yet. Which is exactly why I chose to do this weekly state themes so we can explore new hauntings, cryptids, and urban legends. The locations we will be discussing this week are really interesting and I hadn’t heard of before. So definitely check come check them out.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Michigan

Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!

This creepy Puerto Rican location comes from the town of Mayagüez. The house that is the center of today’s topic certainly looks creepy if you were to walk past it… even in the day light. It has clearly been abandoned for a long time. The walls are crumbling and becoming overgrown with plants and vines. But sitting quietly in the garage or car port area of the house is a classic mustang car that has also been abandoned by everyone except the spirits that roam the house and possibly the Devil. Welcome to the Casa del Mustang! Continue reading Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!