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Our House Is Blossoming Into A Home

We have been putting the house together. With Jeremy's help, we swapped to the two main rooms downstairs. What used to be the front room, is now the living room. What was the living room, is now the dining room. I am still setting up both rooms but the house is starting to look more like an actual home.

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I Think My House Is Haunted. Now What?

During the giveaway, I asked what is something y'all would want to Paranormal Housewife. One of the most popular answers was what to do if you think your house is haunted. Many of you wrote to me saying that you think there is something going on in your homes but you don't have proof. Or you have experienced something in your home but you don't know what to do next. This post is some of my dos and don'ts of what I recommend my clients to follow if they think something is going.

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I Will Not Watch The Ocean

Today's post is about a ghost still waiting for her loved one to come back to her. This story takes place at the Hotel Galvez. The Hotel Galvez is the home to many spirits and I have a feeling we will be discussing some of its inhabitants again at a later date but one of their most famous spirits is that of Audra. Audra was a 25-year-old beautiful woman who used to frequent the hotel.

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The Japanese Snow Maiden

It seems appropriate to be writing of this first spirit as snowflakes are currently swirling around my house. The cold, whiteness outside does seem magical to a Southern girl like me and I can start to understand why stories like the one I am writing about came to be. While I don't think I will be visited by any spirits in this storm (or the one that may come next weekend), this storm is setting the correct mood for this topic. Before I continue, go grab something warm to drink like coffee or hot chocolate. Yuki-Onna may be returning today and I would hate for you to freeze while you were reading this post about her. 

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Little Updates Happening

If you have visited the blog anytime this week, you probably noticed a few changes. I decided to combine my current blog with my previous blog. It seemed like a waste to not work on my previous blog after 3 years but I don't have time to juggle two blogs at this time. If you are only familiar with my paranormal blog, I recommend going back and reading some of my posts from my original blog. I got to see and experience quite a few neat things in Japan. Plus there are quite a few more posts about Al, Dad, and Rampu in my previous blog. You can use the search function to look for certain topics or scroll through the posts to get to the previous blog.