The House Feels A Little Crowded Lately

Over the past couple of weeks, the activity at our house has been picking up. I don't know if it was because it was getting closer to Halloween, the spirits were feeding off my stress levels leading up to the Marine Corps Ball, or maybe the spirit(s) in the house are feeling more comfortable with us. Whatever it is, things have definitely been interesting. 

When The Housewife Is Away The Ghost Will Play

As y'all know I was away the last few weeks in North Carolina visiting my family. This is the longest I have been away from Jeremy by choice (as oppose to the military sending him away) and definitely the longest I have been away from the cats and our spirits. I missed them. And judging by the messages and pictures I received while gone, it's safe to say they all missed me too. 

Little Updates Happening

If you have visited the blog anytime this week, you probably noticed a few changes. I decided to combine my current blog with my previous blog. It seemed like a waste to not work on my previous blog after 3 years but I don't have time to juggle two blogs at this time. If you are only familiar with my paranormal blog, I recommend going back and reading some of my posts from my original blog. I got to see and experience quite a few neat things in Japan. Plus there are quite a few more posts about Al, Dad, and Rampu in my previous blog. You can use the search function to look for certain topics or scroll through the posts to get to the previous blog.

Katniss In All Her Forms

A few weeks back I joined a group on Facebook called Sounds Weirdly Specific But Ok. It's an odd group with the most random posts. One of the types of posts I like watching the most are the photoshop request ones. Some of the photoshopped pictures are hilarious and some are just genius. I decided to send a picture of Katniss and ask them to do their magic. 

Happy Birthday, Bagheera!

A couple of weeks ago it was Bagheera's birthday. Since he is much pickier about his stuff than Katniss is, Jeremy and I weren't sure what to do to celebrate his birthday. He didn't like balls, hair ties, or scary movies like Katniss. He is also is pickier about his treats than her. We were stumped.

Quiet New Year’s With A Twist

For New Years Jeremy and I decided that we would stay in and celebrate with the cats. It had been a busy holiday for us and we wanted some down time to ourselves. For dinner Jeremy made a seafood feast of fish, shrimp, and crab. It was really delicious. I love how we have such a variety of fresh seafood out here. Jeremy has been using the opportunity to learn how to break down a fish properly. We watch shows like "Worst Cooks In America" or "Hell's Kitchen" and he has actually learned quite a bit from the shows. I'm so proud of how far his cooking skills have come.

Lighting Up The Holidays With Katniss

Right before Christmas, Jeremy and I wanted to go back to Hiroshima to see the Dream Illumination Lights near Peace Park. We decided that we would take Katniss with us. My mom had given me a kitty stroller for Christmas and I was excited to try it. For all the outings we had done with cats, they had been close to base and only about an hour or two. Hiroshima would be an almost two hour drive one way alone but we felt that Katniss was ready for the challenge. We would have taken Bagheera too if we felt he was ready but he hasn't been out as much as Katniss and not as comfortable with crowds yet.

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