Exploring Charleston’s Charm (Charleston Part Two)

I love Charleston. The history, the people, and the food are fascinating to me. My mother and I enjoyed exploring Charleston during our girls' getaway. Charleston offers so much to anyone who visits. There are many museums and historic homes to tour for history buffs. There are a variety of bars and clubs for those needing the nightlife scene. There are also a variety of tours including history, ghost, and movie history tours. I have been on a few of the ghost tours over the years. They are all really great and interesting. You can visit Charleston multiple times and have a different style trip each time. But the thing that never changes is how nice people are. It isn't unusual for random people to talk to you or invite you to join them at their table for dinner or drinks. It is the easiest town to make friends.

A Cozy Get Away In Charleston (Charleston Part One)

Before my arrival my mom had been dealing with months of repairs to her house. She was having both of her bathrooms, master bedroom, and kitchen completely redone due to two pipes bursting while she was away traveling. The construction was still continuing after my arrival. My mom needed a break (and a bathroom that had both a working toilet and sink in the same room), so we decided to that we needed a girls trip to somewhere fun. Since Charleston is just a couple of hours away from my mom's house we head down for an overnight trip.

Head In The Clouds

Happy Halloween! By the time you read this I would have already started on an extremely long three days. Today is Halloween. I will be taking my students trick or treating tonight. I can't wait to see the kids in their costumes. Jeremy, the cats, and I will be dressing up as well. We are all characters from Supernatural. Jeremy will be Dean, Bagheera is Castiel, Katniss is Amara, and I will be Rowena. I love dressing up and love that I will be a red head again

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