The Stranger She Loved: Book Review

The Stranger She Loved is one of the few true crime books our base library has. I picked this book up because honestly I had it confused with a different murder that took place in a bathtub. This book is much more twisted than the crime I had it confused with and surprisingly one I wasn't familiar with. I don't remember much of the crime I had it confused with. I had seen it on the ID channel and the only things I remember about the it was that it was a fairly recent murder (I want to say around 2010ish), the tub was a similar shape (a garden tub) like in this book, and that the case was realized to be a murder because of how the towel bar had fallen or was found at the scene. Not much to go on but if anyone knows what crime that was, please tell me because now its bugging me to try and remember it. I don't have cable anymore to watch the ID channel to see if it will pop up again. Once I realized this case was different than the other bathtub murder, I couldn't put the book down.

A Date With Death: Book Review

Woohoo! I am officially half way through my New Year's Resolution of reading 10 books this year. This latest book I decided to back to my True Crime roots to read a book from. I mentioned back in March 2015 that I know a lot about True Crime. It's a subject I find fascinating. Recently I fell back in love with True Crime through podcasts and those podcast' fan clubs on Facebook. In those fan clubs a lot of members like to toss around different books to read about certain crimes. I took that list of books to the library on base to try and find something to read because it is getting frustrating and expensive to keep ordering new books.

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