Attempting To Find Religion Again

I've been struggling with religion for a while. When I was really little, I remember going to a small country church in the woods. I don't remember much. Mainly Easter egg hunting in a white dress. I must have been 5 or 6 because I don't really remember my sister being about of the memory. After that church, my family switched back to the church my parents were married in, Carrboro Baptist Church. It was within walking distance from our house. It was in the center of our town near Franklin Street and the playground of it backed up to my favorite Chinese restaurant. The side of the restaurant that faced the church had a mural that depicted the garden of Eden. I still remember the controversy over it showing Adam and Eve in leaves.

Why Is Violence The Norm?

After living in Japan for over a year it has been a relief to not have my guard up when we go out. We can go out to a festival and not worry about something happening. Or go to the mall and not worry about gangs getting in to it. If we had kids, I wouldn't have to worry about them walking to school or being at school. I wish the United States could be more like this.

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