Scrub A Dub Dub There’s a Spirit In The Tub

While in Japan, I happened to learn about a couple of odd ghost or demon summoning games. These games are often played by middle school and high school girls. Hearing about these games made me think about how we use to play Bloody Mary growing up.

For Those Who Want A Midnight Scare

The two games I am featuring in this post are for those who prefer something a little scarier. I do have to say though, be careful when playing these games. I have never played them so I don’t know how they will play out.

Grant Me A True Response

As a teenager, I remember playing different games with my friends trying to figure out what our futures held. We used drawn games like M*A*S*H to figure out if would live in a mansion with Devon Sawa and our 9 kids or shack with the nerd from math class and a dog.

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