Bring On The Flower Festivals

A couple of weeks ago our friend, Shawna, invited a bunch of us from the Bunco group to go to a plum blossom festival. It was about an hour south of base near Hikari. Shawna told us to bring Katniss because she was bringing her pup, Mochi. The festival was located on a large hill (small mountain) that had plum blossom trees on top of the flat hill and going down around the hill towards the coast. It was really beautiful. Even though there were some venders there, Jeremy and I brought sandwiches and snacks from 7-11 so we could have a picnic with the others in our group. It was a beautiful area and the kids were having fun playing and running around.

Damn You Google

Last Wednesday I had planned to go to Hiroshima to have coffee with a friend of mine at 11am. I woke early enough to take my time getting ready. Since I had to be there by a certain time, I decided against taking the train. Plus I was excited to drive out there because this would be my first time driving to Hiroshima by myself.

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