The House Feels A Little Crowded Lately

Over the past couple of weeks, the activity at our house has been picking up. I don't know if it was because it was getting closer to Halloween, the spirits were feeding off my stress levels leading up to the Marine Corps Ball, or maybe the spirit(s) in the house are feeling more comfortable with us. Whatever it is, things have definitely been interesting. 

Exploring Fukuoka (Family Vacation Part One)

After all the chaos from the Balls was over and done with, Jeremy and I escaped the base and traveled south to Fukuoka. Ever since we arrived in Iwakuni, I had wanted to go see the German Christmas Markets in Fukuoka but never had the chance to see it the previous Christmases. There are two Christmas Markets in Fukuoka, one at Hakata Station and one at Tenjin Station. Since the one at Hakata Station was bigger we decided to go to that one. Jeremy and I like to travel cheap so we took the back roads from Iwakuni to Fukuoka and it took 8 hours to get to Fukuoka. Had we taken the Sanyo Expressway, it would have only taken 3.5 hours but it would have cost us $60 one way. The drive was nice though and we only got stuck in traffic once. 

MCAS Iwakuni Marine Corps Birthday Balls

Summer of last year (can't believe it's already 2018!)  I received an email from our FRO saying that the MCCS needed to hire a photographer for the Marine Corps Balls this past November. A few hours later Jeremy forwarded me the same email saying that I need to apply. So I did. I interviewed for it even though I seriously doubted I was what they were wanting. But surprisingly I was offered the gig.

National Novel Writing Month

As if I don't have enough on my plate in November I have added one more thing to my plate. I know I have mentioned it more than once but I have always wanted to write a book. In high school I use to write short stories. I even had a teacher sponsor me for a writing camp my freshman summer because she liked my writing so much. I don't know why I stopped writing but I did.

Playing Dress Up In Iwakuni

November is just around the corner. That means the Marine Corps Ball is coming up soon. Being overseas can make dress hunting a little difficult. Unless you have really good luck buying clothes off the internet your options usually are what you bring with you, what someone is selling on the classifieds, or if you can find something at the thrift store or the dress exchange. My friend, Anneliese, needed something to wear to the ball but wanted to try something different for this year's ball. She decided she wanted to wear a kimono.

A Blossoming Local Business

Between learning how to make flower crowns at Ashley's workshop a few weeks ago, all the upcoming balls (Marine Corps ball, Navy ball, Mini Marine Corps Ball), Homecoming for the high school, and the upcoming holidays I wanted to find a local florist. Thankfully Saori from Explore Translations knew of a great florist shop near base. She took to the Flower Shop Bikouen and introduced me to the owner, Keiko Kagawa. Keiko has a great shop near Cazl mall.

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