The Ladies Of The Afterlife Are Waiting For You Here

On this blog we have cover a variety of different places from private residences to hotels and camp sites to castles and movie theaters but we have yet to talk about a brothel. That changes today as we talk about the longest running brothel in United States history. The Dumas Brothel was established in Butte Montana back in 1890 and was open as a brothel until 1982. And while the doors maybe officially closed to the public, there are still a few spirits left behind that haven’t stopped living their afterlife at the Mercury Street building.  Continue reading The Ladies Of The Afterlife Are Waiting For You Here

These Spirits Monkey Around

On this blog, haunted hotels isn’t too unusual. I mean, heck, we had a whole week dedicated to haunted hotels and have spoken about dozens of other hotels and their spirits but the hotel we are talking about in today’s post has something that the other hotels haven’t had yet. Curious? Keep reading to find out what is hidden within the walls of the Pollard Hotel.  Continue reading These Spirits Monkey Around

This Week’s Theme: Montana

This week on the blog we will be talking about a couple of really interesting places in Montana! I’m actually really excited about one of these locations because we haven’t discussed this type of location before even though the type of spirits that are experienced in this location has been mentioned in other posts before. You definitely need to check out the posts this week. We have briefly mentioned Montana in a post on here before. Surprisingly, it was in regards to La LLorona. Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Montana