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Pride Over Pity: Book Review

If any of y'all know me in real life, one of my favorite shows is Teen Mom. I feel like I have seen these women and their children grow up over the years. Of course when you watch all the shows and follow their social media, its easy to think that you know them and you know what their stories are. If you keep up with any of the Teen Moms, you've probably heard of Kailyn's drama in her marriage. Up until this season, I sided with her. How could you not? She worked herself up from nothing, is about to graduate college and she is a fellow milso (military significant other) since Javi is in the air force. With the news of her divorce and possibly cheating on Javi, I wanted to know more about her story. On social media Kailyn says that we don't know her story and that we only see what MTV wants us to see. Well, what better way to see her side of the story than to read her book?