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The Amityville Horror: Book Review

Back at the beginning of this year, I found a copy of The Amityville Horror at our local library. Like most people, I knew the story of what supposedly happened at the house in Amityville, New York named High Hopes. I knew of it from various paranormal shows and the wide variety of movies that came out on the subject. From those movies and shows, I thought I knew a lot about the hauntings but the book really opened my eyes to some of the things left out of those programs. 

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Eggstracting The Truth About A Ritual

Last week, my friend, Mathew, and I went to see La Llorona. I was really excited to see this movie because its a part of the Conjuring series and because of the story it's based on. I don't know if I had my expectations set too high for the movie but I walked away from the movie feeling slightly disappointed. I don't know much about Mexican culture or a ton about the La Llorona lore (what I know is what you saw in my post about La Llorona) but even I could tell that a good bit was doused in Hollywood magic. As for a horror film, it was more humorous than scary. The one thing that I did like about the movie is that it touched on some traditional Mexican rituals that I haven't seen in many movies before. It intrigued me to look more into them but the more I researched, the more I was drawn to one ritual in particular. 

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Old Country Cures: Talking Out Fire

The post they shared brought up some memories from my childhood. Someone had shared a news clipping from 1979 talking about talking out fire. For those of y'all not familiar with old country cures, talking out fire is a practice that is supposed to remove the pain of a burn and heal the area.

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I Think My House Is Haunted. Now What?

During the giveaway, I asked what is something y'all would want to Paranormal Housewife. One of the most popular answers was what to do if you think your house is haunted. Many of you wrote to me saying that you think there is something going on in your homes but you don't have proof. Or you have experienced something in your home but you don't know what to do next. This post is some of my dos and don'ts of what I recommend my clients to follow if they think something is going.

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Exorcizing The Truth From Fiction

When I decided on this theme for this week I did it for two reasons. The first reason was because I love researching the true stories behind "based on a true story" movies and books. I like seeing how many facts actually made it in the book or the script and how much is just Hollywood fluff that is written just to get you to spend some money. The second reason is because I wanted to have an excuse to finally watch the movie that I am writing about in this post. I have never seen The Exorcist.