Paranormal Housewife

Ringing Up A Scary Time

I can't tell you what my first horror film was but I can remember my first Japanese horror movie. The one that launched a life long semi-obsession with them. That movie was the Japanese version of The Ring. My friend, Nicole, let me borrow it for a few days after we had gone to see the American version in theaters with our boyfriends. She promised that the Japanese version was a lot scary than the American version.  I remember sitting in the back of my station wagon in between classes at Alamance Community College watching it on my laptop. I loved how much it scared me no matter how many times I watched it. Unlike the American version, the Japanese version actually went into why the spirit was trying to kill everyone. It made it seem more realistic and believable. Most Japanese horror movies I have since watched were similar in scare factor and explaining why the hauntings happened in a believable manner.