Last Day In Kyoto

Our last day in Kyoto was a little more relaxed than our previous traveling days. We decided to sleep in before we started out on our last little bit of adventures. After grabbing some breakfast we walked back over to the train depot. We would ultimately be leaving from Kyoto via the Shin from that station. Jeremy and I took our luggage to a locker room located within the station so we wouldn't have to carry it everywhere.

The Flight From Hell

So a while back I wrote about how I tried to get cheap tickets to go back home. I thought I had gotten a great deal to fly home on China Eastern and JetBlue but I was soooooo wrong. I want to start this off with saying I love JetBlue! They offer amazing customer service and the flights with them were great. China Eastern on the other hand... I will NEVER EVER fly with them again.

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