The Most Haunted Haunted House In Utah

When a location is thoroughly haunted, it shouldn’t be surprising in this day and age when that location is used to scare more people than just the ghosts can do. If you like horror movies you may have seen Utah’s mot haunted location. The Cottonwood Paper Mill and possible some of it’s spirits have been seen in such movies like Halloween: Curse Of Michael Myers, Heredity, and Bleep. But what happened in the history of this building to cause all of the paranormal activity that has been reported over the years?  Continue reading The Most Haunted Haunted House In Utah

Table For 100 Spirits, Please!

When I was looking for suggestions this week’s locations, I had a few people mention this restaurant. The more I looked into it, the more intrigued I became by it. The amount of activity that happens here and the amount of spirits that seem to wander through easily explains why this restaurant is considered to be Utah’s most haunted restaurant. I also love the family history associated with the Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant.  Continue reading Table For 100 Spirits, Please!

This Week’s Theme: Utah

I know I normally share posts on Sundays that take place in the state that we are talking about but some how we haven’t discussed locations in Utah yet! I don’t know how because there are so many haunted locations and some really cool urban legends that are found in Utah. But in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow I will share these links to these romantic paranormal posts I’ve shared over the years. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and a wonderful week!  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Utah