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Tears And Fears

This afternoon was emotional. I finally went to my dental appointment out in town. Despite taking the paperwork from base dental with me showing I just needed the one wisdom tooth pulled, the dentist and two nurses were arguing that all four need to be pulled. I argued that I was only agreeing to the one and the rest can be pulled after Japan if they are still an issue. They finally agreed and went about scheduling my appointment with the oral surgeon. The surgeon couldn’t see me until April 21st and only if I didn’t ask for sedation (ouchie!!!). That means base dental wouldn’t be able to see me to clear me until the end of April. Then we would be able to route our stuff through for our clearances which could take up to three weeks. Once our clearances come back, only then can we schedule everything with DMO which is looking like it will be around the last part of May. We are suppose to report in sometime in June… Yeah I left that appointment stressed to the max.

So I called my mom. She recommended her dentist up in Durham. I called them and they can see me Tuesday and pull the tooth the same day!!! That buys us two weeks!!! My mom is a genius and a life savor. Plus I’m happy I won’t be on a liquid diet on my birthday. I know. Priorities.

Tonight Jodie came by. She picked up Thirteen and Kali Ma. They will be living with her from now on. I’m happy to know they will be well taken care of and I can see pictures of them often but it still hurt to say goodbye. The worst was when Kali Ma was reaching out the kennel door for my hand and crying. Since they have been gone the other cats have been looking for them and crying for them. It is breaking my heart but we honestly have to do this.

Kali Ma and Baby Thirteen getting ready to go home with Jodie

Jeremy is making it better by making Farmer’s Alfredo. You can get the recipe for the sauce here.  Good food always cheers me up. What cheers you up?

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  1. Aww it’s always hard to have to find new homes for pets. At least you’ll get to see them. It’s even worse when you give them to someone you don’t know 🙁

    What cheers me up? A glass of wine, a good book, and a big fuzzy blanket. And rainy days. I looooove rainy days.

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