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The Curse Begins

As every military spouse knows once the husband is away for any long periods of time stuff starts falling apart and going wrong. I knew stuff would happen. It always does whenever Jeremy is gone for a long period of time. If he is gone for a week or two, everything is typically fine. Anything past that and life goes crazy.

I won’t go into what happened while Jeremy went away to Jacksonville, FL for training. Basically between car issues, a/c breaking and needing to be completely replaced during the hottest summer ever in Jacksonville, and my Hashimoto’s freaking out because my doctors couldn’t figure out my correct dosage it was a long, miserable, painful, frustrating month. 

Last year when Jeremy TADed to San Diego for a month Katniss got really sick twice. The first time we weren’t sure she was going to make it. Her temperature had gotten really low and she was barely eating. I got her a better heating pad and set up my phone in her kennel so she could watch a video of herself meowing. She would react to video and meow back to it. It seemed to help her a lot. The second time she got sick her eye was oozing really bad and she couldn’t open it. Turns out she has kitty herpies and this is reoccurring infection (she just finished having a bout of it about a week ago). Dr. Fujishima worked his magic again and made her better.

Now Jeremy is in Okinawa for a month. He left two days ago. Yesterday stuff started to go wrong. I came home from work to both lights in the bathroom burning out at the same time. The hallway light is already burnt out. There are no windows in the bathroom so it is pitch black at night. I have to use a flash light to use the bathroom. Ugh. Only maintenance can take the bulbs out and replace them (which is why we haven’t replaced the hallway light) but I have to provide the new bulbs. I need maintenance to take down the old bulbs so I know what can of bulbs I need to buy. So I need them to come out twice. Its a pain and will take a couple of days but its a fairly easy fix. Just annoying until then.

Then last night at 3am I was trying to update our hulu account when it kept saying our payment was being denied. I checked the account and saw that we had enough money in the account. So I called USAA to find out what was going on. Turns out they canceled Jeremy’s card because they are mailing him a new one that has a chip in it. We order me a card a month ago and I still haven’t received mine. So at this point neither one of us have a debit card. The representative said they could either expedite a new card to him or wire money to him through a friend’s account. I explained to the woman on the phone that because Jeremy is in Okinawa for a month he doesn’t have a mailbox for us to mail him a new card. I also explained that he doesn’t know anyone well enough to ask them to accept a wire transfer for him and to trust that they would give it to them. She said there was no way to reactivate his card. So I stayed up until 7 am this morning trying to find one of friends that live in Okinawa that could accept the card for Jeremy and get it to him. Finally our friend, Amanda, said that we could mail it to her friend’s house that her husband could take to Jeremy when it got in. Thank god for good friends around the world.

This is only day three of him being gone. What else is going to happen? Earthquake? Typhoon? My friend, Danielle has already dealt with a swarm of killer Japanese hornets building a nest outside her daughter’s window. Please let this time pass quickly and quietly. I don’t need any more drama.

7 thoughts on “The Curse Begins

  1. Something major happened every single month of my husband’s last deployment. It became so routine that, by the 5th month, I was dreading the beginning of a new month. We dealt with kiddo hospitalized, basement of the rental flooding (and its aftermath), first time for dogs contracting fleas, flu for both child and mama, and so much more!!

    Thinking of you, and praying your sanity stays intact through this TAD!

  2. Oh no!!! That REALLY sucks!! Make sure you write down what type of bulbs you need so next time Jeremy goes away and they blow out again (because that is sure to happen) you will be able to look it up! I keep a maintenance list on my computer of those types of things cause the same thing happens when my husband is doing night shift seeding or harvesting (we only see him for an hour a day at those times- the rest of the day he spends sleeping!).
    Hopefully the 3 bulbs are the only thing that goes wrong!!!?
    How’s your exercise regime going? I fell off the wagon this weekend and ate an entire bag of my kids lollies from our agricultural show… oops. 🙂

    1. I am taking pictures of each bulb and saving them on my computer and phone. Next time I will be prepared. Lol

      Exercising is slow but getting there. I fell off the wagon the other morning because I ate a whole can of croissants. 😖 But I walked enough to cancel out the calories so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I’m trying really hard not to have a cheat day.

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