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The Dependapotamus Hunter | MilitaryOneClick

I have spoken of these hate groups before. This article goes more into depth about them and lists most of the more hateful groups. Its scary how so many people do this and think its just all a good joke and not see it as the bullying it really is.


The Dependapotamus Hunter | MilitaryOneClick.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea, but I suppose I like to think that all people have a good heart. I certainly hope this isn’t happening to you, and it also makes me more cautious of what I post online

  2. You’re so right. I’ve seen some terrible hateful things by people. I recently (about three months ago) just heard the word “Dependa” and had to look it up after being with a military man for 6 years now.

    Call me a “dependa” all you want, I work from home selling military support apparel, and I will brag on my husbands accomplishments and stand by my man 24/7. If that makes me a dependa then so be it. I am the wife I want to be, who builds people up instead of tearing others down!

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