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The Storm That Never Was

The past few days have been busy days mainly prepping for the storm. Wednesday I went grocery shopping with Aristia. Grocery shopping here is going to be so much easier here than back in the states for me. In my building there are buggies in the lobby that you can take to the commissary and then bring it all the back to your apartment. No lugging heavy bags around. I just rolled my buggie into my kitchen to unload it and then Jeremy took it back down. 

That night we met Chelsea, David, Aristia, Olivia and Vincent for dinner at Club Iwakuni. Wednesday night is Mongolian night. You take these giant silver bowls and fill them with raw meats and veggies. Then you take them up to the cashiers. You have to guess how much it’s going to cost before they weight your food. If you get it within ten cents you get it for free. We didn’t guess right but the guy behind us did. He got his for free. After you pay for your food you go outside and the chefs cook it on grills in the patio area. All in all it was a lot of fun.  

On Thursday I had an interview for a work from home job. I’m hoping I get it because it’s a great company and I get to choose my schedule so I can keep teaching. Plus this is something I can take back home to the states when we come back. I’ll go more into it if I get the job but in the mean time, please send me good juju. 

Thursday afternoon Jeremy came home and after a quick shower, we had to head to medical. Back on the sixth he got a small pox vaccine. It looked fine when he went to his follow up appointment but last night it looked big and scary. 

Turns out that his arm was fine. It was just irritated from swimming in Wednesday. He got a lecture from the doctor about swimming. No more swimming for the next 20 days. 

On the way home, Jeremy and I walked home on the sea wall that runs by the apartment. We had timed it perfectly it’s the sunset, so the sky was turning all these different colors. I know I have been here for three weeks but I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. We live on this big river but it smells salty like the sea. 


We waited all night for the storm to start. We had a constant breeze but no rain. I heard Tokyo had a lot of rain but that’s about it. We are still waiting for news on if and when Typhoon Halola will be arriving. 

Last night I got an email from Joffery’s vet saying she heard a heart murmur during his checkup. We are going to wait until his next appointment to see if she can still hear it. She said that it could have just been the excitement of having to be in a crate, being handled by my mom who he isn’t 100% comfortable with yet, and the vet visit could have been stressing him out causing the murmur. If it is still there in August then she will refer him to a cardiologist for an ultrasound. I’m trying not to worry but it’s hard being on the other side of the world when I just want to cuddle him. 

Tonight all of us are going to Chelsea’s house to celebrate her birthday. I’m excited. 🙂 Happy birthday, Chelsea!

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    1. The Iwakuni Club as three themed nights. On Monday it’s Italian Night. On Wednesday its Mongolian night. And on Thursdays its Steak Night. I am a happy there was no storm. Let’s hope that Halola stays away too.

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