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Time To Try Something New

We all have that a goal or two that we want to achieve but for one reason or another we never really attempt them. We might think they are too big or we don’t have time for them or we might be worried that we would fail than we are excited to try and obtain it. I have a few goals like that. For the past few days I have been debating on whether it was time to try and work on one of them.

Ever since I took a creative writing class in high school I’ve wanted to write a book. One of my high school English teachers encouraged me to attend a writing camp at Duke University. She even helped find a partial scholarship for it. At the camp and in school my stories were generally well received. I started entertaining the idea that maybe I should try writing more. I started several stories in high school but I never finished them. I still have two of them because they meant the most to me but they are pretty battered from all the moving around I’ve done and no where close to being finished stories.

I have thought often since high school about taking up writing again and actually writing a book. As much as I want to, I usually end up talking myself out of it. I think of all the things I have to do that take up most of my time (work, school, family, social obligations, etc). I also manage to convince myself that people really didn’t like my stories. That they were just being polite. I didn’t see the point in trying.

While going through boxes this weekend with Jeremy I located one of the stories I had started in high school. It got me thinking again about writing a book. I don’t have the same obligations as I use to. I have a little bit more free time to devote to writing. So I can’t use that as an excuse. Also since I have been blogging now for a while and seeing the response from y’all, I can’t say that people were just being polite in their critique of my writing. Y’all have inspired me to keep blogging for a year now. Every reason I keep coming up with for trying to talk myself out of trying to write a book I can no longer back up with. So I guess its time for me to stop making excuses and actually try it. Worse that can happen is that I fail but at least then I can say that I tried.


I have my chromebook ready to go with blank page waiting for me to start. I have my Apple Music (Dido radio station) playing on my Ipad. One day I will have a legit laptop where I can actually download iTunes and listen to music that way. I have my favorite bowl of dried lavender to relax me while I write. Cup of hot tea is nearby (mango green tea). This is actually how I typically I blog. Normally I am at my desk but lately I have been blogging at our kitchen table because I like the afternoon light better in here. The sun goes down directly in front of my office window and while the sight of it going behind the mountains is gorgeous, it is also painfully blinding.


Okay. Enough excuses and procrastinating by blogging. Time to actually start this. I have two and half years before we leave Japan. Maybe I can leave here as a published author.

7 thoughts on “Time To Try Something New

    1. The story I’m thinking about doing is fiction. I am still working through the details right now. I know what I want to write about but its still difficult to put it in to a short summery.

  1. I feel you. I’ve been trying for years to get a book written. I have the plot written down in summary, but I just can’t get around to it. I’ll do anything else, including otherwise productive stuff like learn new programs, apply for jobs, etc.

    1. I’ve actually just found something to write about and I have gotten a few pages down. I’m hoping I can write it all down. This week has been crazy busy but I’m hoping to have some more time Thursday to write some more to make sure this is the route I want to go.

  2. Hi there – first thanks for coming to Jamie’s blog. It is a labor of love. The writing you want to do – you just have to jump in with both feet. I started with the blog, but I realized the story I had was really worth writing a book. “Inside The Forbidden Outside”. If you scroll down through my posts you’ll find a chapter and there are links inside to others. It’s been hard to write because it’s a true story. I’m using his letters to write it and the timeline isn’t perfect. Finding a way to write it hasn’t been easy. He’s still in prison so the story is far from over. Oh my, what a learning curve. I think I rewrote the first chapter ten times, experimenting with different tenses. I read other books sometimes, only the free parts of books on Amazon, seeing how other people write and described things. There are some very badly edited self published books and some really good ones, too who hired good editors. I got different people to read it. I asked advice from published authors. Finally it is coming together. I’m not done yet and even when I am done, I know it will go through more rewrites as a professional content editor and copy editor tear it apart. But if you want to write, you can’t not do it. My sister started writing a book, but her nature is to begin things and quit in the middle ( before she fails at it ) so she thinks then it is her decision to stop. James Patterson has a course online about book writing. It’s worth the $99 it costs. One last thing – the CD you have in the photo of Jewel? That was one of my all time favorite CD’s. I wore one out and had to get another! I wonder what ever happened to her?

    1. Thank you for swinging by!! I love your blog and can’t wait to read more.

      The story I am working on sounds very similar to yours. It is based on a part of my life I haven’t shared on here yet and does include the letters I received. I have the first two chapters done. I will probably end up changing it once I go back and read it through but I am trying to resist going back. I just want to get the story down first. I will have to look into James Patterson’s class. Thank you for the information.

      I love Jewel. That day that I took the picture I was in a 90’s pop kind of mood and she came up on the radio station I had on.

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