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Trials And Tears

The past few days have been such an emotional rollercoaster and so busy that I haven’t been able to write much. I don’t see things calming down until next week or after the wedding that is in two weeks (yikes).

Monday and Tuesday was I dealing with personal stuff. I won’t go much into it because while, yes, I am writing a blog and do get personal on here, I don’t want all of my business out there. Especially since future employers may see this blog. The only reason I bring up Monday and Tuesday is that after all my work on those two days someone, who had seriously wronged me in such a way that it could have seriously hurt my reputation had it gotten out, had not only apologized to me in front of a roomful of people but he also took it upon himself to correct the damage that had been done. Doing right and hard work always works in the end even when everything seems stacked against you.

After to speaking to two of my friends today, I began to get nervous about our housing situation. My friend, Ashley, had said that she finally schedule her pack date with DMO. They are reporting into Beaufort, SC same day we report to Iwakuni. DMO is coming May 14th to pack up their house. She and Jessica explained that the faster that DMO books up the further out from your report date. Jessica signed up for their two weeks ago and got May 28th. Its going to be at least two weeks or more before our clearances come through. That means DMO will probably come early May or even April to pack us up. That means a month or more of no furniture. I don’t want to sleep on cement floors. We won’t have stuff to cook on. We won’t have bedding or anything. I wish I had someone to talk to find out what happens if they come to pack that early. No one is answering my questions. Jeremy just tells me “don’t worry about. It will all work out.” I’m not the type to sit and wait. I am the type to plan, make back up plans, and what not. I need to know what to expect. I don’t need exact answers but something to plan for. Is that too much to ask for as a Marine wife?

Today I had my doctor’s appointment to start my medical clearances. I went to a doctor that I have never been to before and tried to explain my health history. The paperwork that I had to fill out was so vague that I wasn’t sure when it said things like “do you now or have you ever had sinusitis?’ if I was suppose to check yes and explain that it was almost 10 years since my last sinus infection (something minor that EVERYONE gets) or check no because it was so long ago. On the safe side I checked yes to anything that I had had in the past. I really hope this doesn’t affect my clearances… Any who… the doctor seemed to be helpful in filling out the paperwork. He explained that I would have to come back for one or two more visits to get everything done. Today he was just going to an exam and drawn titers to see what immunizations I would need. We talked about my Hashimoto’s. He is concerned that the lower left side of my throat looked swollen. He said that he was going to have my antibodies tested. If they were higher than numbers that my last doctor recorded, he was going to send me to an endocrinologist and get an ultrasound to see how my thyroid looked. He would also recommend that my thyroid be removed before Japan. If the numbers are the same or lower, he’ll do nothing and just sign the paper work for the clearance. After he left the room, the nurse came in to draw blood for the lab work. Unfortunately the nurse was unable to get anything after jabbing me multiple times. I have to go to a lab by the hospital to have them draw the blood. That means it will take longer to get my results back.

This isn’t the first doctor to suggest removing my thyroid. I’m really against this if I don’t have cancer. From my research as long as I have my thyroid and it doesn’t have cancer yet, I can monitor it and the damage. Whereas if I remove my thyroid there is no guessing where the antibodies will attack until cancer does pop up. I rather be able to monitor potential damage than wonder if a pain somewhere is really just a pain or is it cancer. I don’t want to worry about cancer. Just writing this scares me because all of my grandparents died of cancer and my dad has had cancer. The chances of me getting cancer at some point are high. I just want to have kids and live my life some before it happens. Am I right for wanting to keep my thyroid?

Feeling torn up from the doctor’s appointment my friend, Jodie; her husband, Travis; and their little boy, Brantley, came over. They are the ones adopting Baby Thirteen. Jeremy and I have been asking if they would take Kali Ma too since Thirteen is so young. Travis finally consented tonight because Kali Ma was affectionate with him. I know they wanted to take both home tonight but I am not ready to part with Kali Ma yet. She was a birthday present from Jeremy two years ago and my little princess. I told Jodie that Thirteen is too young but should be ready around the time of the wedding. That will give me two weeks to say my goodbyes to her. After the wedding we will start trying to find Joffery a home. At least with Jodie taking Kali Ma I will have the chance of seeing her and visiting her. I hope I am as lucky finding a home for Joffery that would be willing to send us photos.

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  1. You know what,I hear an oh, so, familiar sound of panic in your precious voice. As a seasoned wife, If I could give you advice to last a lifetime, do your best to make the “worst” situations the “best.” When my Mom was dying I was determined to make happy ,funny,wonderful memories every day she had left. In the last two weeks I could not sleep because I wanted to be with her. so I baked her favorite cookies, packed stuff to do our nails and our hair,and we had three “slumber parties ” where we stayed up all night long,eating hot cookies,and drinking Dr.Pepper, laughing ,painting toes and tickling feet… Crisis is going to happen… It’s up to you… make it the worst… or make it the “best”.Life is short… try to go for the best. Especially with a military husband and family. Blessings. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’m trying to make the best of it all but I’m having a hard time letting of being the person in control of everything. I’m realizing that with the Marine Corps, they are the ones in control. I’m not use to that yet.

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