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Trying New Things

Today was a semi busy day but nothing hectic. As I mentioned yesterday, maintenance stopped by this morning. They took one look at the dishwasher (who incidentally decided to stop draining last night too) and said that they would be back at 1pm with a new used dishwasher. That surprised me. I was just expecting them to fix it. I wasn’t excepting a new one. 

While I waited for them to come back, I decided to start working on the YouTube videos I had mentioned a while back. At first I was really excited. I actually took the time to do my hair and full makeup. Turns out these videos were much harder to make than I thought. I kept having to redo the videos because I kept messing up my words or forget what I was going to say. Hopefully after I do a few of these I will get more comfortable with  doing this and it will come more easily. 


I made two videos. The first was just an intro video explaining the channel. You can see that video here

The second video was about two packages I got in the mail today. The first package was five catnip pop tarts for Joffery. These are his favorite toy. We wanted to stock up on the them for when he arrives. We gave the brown one to Chelsea’s cat, Ciara, since she has never had catnip before. I know Joffery will be excited to see them. 


The second package was a random act of kindness present from a group I’m in for Erin Condern planners. The person sent me so much cool stuff for decorating my planner! My favorite was the macaroon bookmark! Too cute! I can’t wait to do my own random act of kindness for someone in the group. I’ll post what I decide to send out after I get a chance to go to You Me Town to buy some stuff to decorate their planners with. 


I downloaded two new apps to track my steps and what I eat. They are called Carrot Fit and Carrot Hunger. They insult you to try and get you to change your habits. It is interesting and so far I like it. I’ll let you know if it helps change my habits. 

Well, I’m going to call it a night. Surprisingly I’m exhausted tonight. 

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