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Turning It Blue

This is another post meant for November. Again I apologize for the delay.

Jeremy and I learned that once a year that the Kintai Bridge is turned blue for a few hours for one night. We don’t know why they do this but we wanted to go see it. From the comments about this event on Facebook, we figured it would be hard to find parking. So we decided to hire a taxi to take there. We had taken a taxi there a few months before and knew it would only cost about $10 to ride out there. Well, this driver took us an entirely different route and it was much longer than before. It resulted in it being closer to $30 than the $10 ride we had before.

When we arrived we were surprised to find that there weren’t any crowds but that didn’t matter. The bridge was really beautiful.

I loved being there. It was so quiet and just looked incredible.

After Jeremy and I hung out for a bit, we decided to walk around and try a find a restaurant. We soon found out that there are no restaurants in that area. So we started walking back to base. After a mile we decided to call Charrleen for a ride back because we didn’t know how to call for a taxi or even how to tell the taxi company where we were. Thankfully we figured out how to have my iPhone send her iPhone directions to us. A little freaky how it does that but a life saver at the same time. She and Marcus came and picked us up. We were all hungry, so we went to try a sushi bar. It was one of those conveyor belt sushi places. It was neat. Everything the restaurant offers is placed on a conveyor belt. You pick what you want off the belt and then later a waitress calculates the cost of the meal by using the color of the plates. This place had a ton of different options but I was mostly impressed with the amount of fresh fruit going by. I made most of meal up eating that. It is hard to find meals here with alot of veggies and the fresh fruit can be really expensive here. Especially in the commissary but that is a different post for a different day.

It was alot of fun. We will definitely be going back again. I love Japan and all of its quirky places.

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  1. Hello, Kelly. I always enjoy reading a story of somebody’s life. There will always be something I can learn from someone’s experiences and the bridge is certainly beautiful, I’d love to take my loved ones there myself. By the way, thank you for following my blog. Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Hey! You live where my uncle lives! He’s in the USMC, too! He lived there back in ’95 (looooong before I was born), met his wife, and came back to the states. And then moved back there in 2009. He’s finally coming back to the states in July. *ear licks* Noodle

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