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Wanna wrassle?

One of the things that has been at the top of my Japanese bucket list is to go see a Sumo event. Normally they are really expensive and far from us so I haven’t gone yet. On October 29th though there will be a sumo event in Hiroshima!!! I can’t wait to go with Jeremy.

Picture courtesy of Sumo Hiroshima 

I am posting this early instead of writing about us going because I want to let y’all know about it too so you can go! Tickets are ¥5,000 a person. You can reserve tickets here.

At this event, there will be other performances as well. I am excited to see the bow twirling (bow as in bow and arrow not hair bow). Check out this video to see what I am talking about. Also they will have a thing for boys to wrestle with the sumo wrestlers. Judging by the videos, the boys will get to wear the same outfit as the sumo wrestlers. Too cute!!! Check out the video here.

If you have any questions please email the event promotors at They respond quickly to their emails.

Hurry and reserve your tickets before they sell out!!! I hope to see y’all there!!!


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