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We Made It To 100!!!!

Wow. My 100th blog post. 100 posts in 8 months. I’m proud I’ve made it this far. I started this blog when we found out we were going to Japan. We’ve come a long way but I’m still falling in love with Japan. Everyday I am learning knew things about this amazing country and it always makes me want to stay here forever.

Today has been a crazy day from the get go. To begin with, I never went to bed last night. Last night I was dealing with stuff that wouldn’t let me sleep. I’m still debating on going into on here in a later post but its another reason why I’m enjoy being over here, It means I’m less likely to actually have to deal with. Sometimes being an adult sucks.

Anyways, I couldn’t sleep. So I stayed up chatting with my friend, Chelsea, on Facebook. She is an insomniac like me sometimes. Around 4am we decided we were hungry and complaining that not only does no one deliver at 4am but no one delivers to base at all. So what should decide to do? Go to McDonald’s at 4am. Iwakuni looks like a ghost town at 4am. A strange little ghost town with random old men walking around with reflective belts across their chests. We got to McDonald’s at 4:45. They were still serving dinner until 5am. We decided to go ahead and get hamburgers and fries instead of waiting until 5 because we needed to get back before our husbands woke up to go to work. As soon as we sit down to wait for our food, they switch to breakfast. (Seriously???) We ended up getting breakfast for our husbands and coffee for the guards at the gate. The guard at the gate was confused why we were handing him a bag with cups of hot coffee. He thought we got them for the Japanese guards but was happy to hear that they were for all of them. Definitely a good deed I need to repeat more often now that the mornings are freezing here.

When I got back up to the apartment, Jeremy was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work. I ended up driving him so I could finally see where he works. We made plans for me to pick him up for lunch after I napped for a bit. Unfortunately he’s lunch got cut short so while he grabbed lunch, I ran across the street and grabbed him snacks and drinks for his duty tonight. After I took him back to work, I headed to Nafco. Tomorrow is Boss’ Day in the states. I wanted to give my boss, Junko, some Jewelry In Candles tarts but I wasn’t sure if she had a warmer. I debated on getting a warmer from the MCX but it had an American plug on it. I have no idea if there is a place to get a warmer in Japan with a Japanese plug but I figured if anyone would, Nafco would. They seem to have a lot of stuff. But not warmers. I confused two workers there trying to explain what I was looking for. Maybe Japan doesn’t have tart warmers. I still gave Junko the tarts because she could melt them other ways. Happily she liked them.

Class today was great. The kids started their letters we are sending to my cousin’s wife’s class. This was something new for them. They haven’t had the opportunity to write American kids before. It makes me feel proud to help them try new things. The kids had lots of questions of what school is like in America.


After class Junko gave me something really cool. She had hung dried sour persimmons on a rope. She told that if you do that and then squeeze them everyday for a few days, they become sweet. She said these should be ready to eat by the end of this weekend. I can’t wait to try them. I have them hanging by the door going to the balcony so that they can get a breeze as Junko said they needed. I had to jury rig them on the blinds so the cats wouldn’t jump and mess with them.


I’m sorry this post is kind of short. Chelsea and I just decide to go midnight grocery shopping so we can look at all the foods and try to figure them out without a bunch of people around. It was a lot fun. We were there for about two hours looking at everything. I still have a lot to learn about Japanese food and how to prepare it. I’m hoping I can find someone to teach. I also am really wanting to learn Japanese more. I don’t like relying on my translator app. I think this coming week I am going to start my Japanese textbooks so maybe I can start reading some at least.

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