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Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a mixture of fun, work, and relaxation. Friday, before we went to Chelsea’s birthday party, I decided to try and make cookie bowls for ice cream. I only had a mix for chocolate chip cookies to use so I used it. I changed the ingredients to make it taste more homemade. 


At first it looked like I was successful. I managed to pull two of the cookie bowls out whole. Then it all turned into a big mess. The bowls started separating where the chocolate chips were. Out of 24 bowls I was only able to pull 5 whole ones. Next time I try this I will either do brownies or a cookie mix that doesn’t have chocolate chips.

The party at Chelsea’s was a lot of fun. While we waited for Aristia and her kids to show up, we played beer pong. I rarely play this game so I pretty much stink at it but it was a lot of fun. 

Once Aristia and her kids arrived, we put away the drinking games and alcohol in exchange for birthday cake. 

We had a lot fun hanging out together. After Aristia and the kids left, Jeremy and I taught David and Chelsea how to play kings cup. They caught on quickly. 

I spent all day Saturday redoing this blog. I updated the layout and some other things. I hope y’all like it. I also hope it’s a little easier to find your favorite posts and recipes. 

Also on Saturday, Jeremy bought me a jewelry candle from the MCX. I love jewelry candles. Back home I was addicted to Diamond Candles. We brought 6 of my Diamond Candles with us to Japan in our express shipment. We lit the new candle and let it burn all day Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday we were able extract the jewelry. It was a pretty silver bracelet. I’m interested in trying more jewelry candles in the future. 

On Sunday, Jeremy tried some Japan tofu miso soup mix he found at the commissary. I didn’t try it but he said it was quite good. I will try the next time he makes it. 

All in all it a good weekend. It was nice to a quiet and relaxing weekend. Next weekend will be different since Jeremy has duty for the first time since arriving here. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but hopefully I will have a car and can go out and explore. I found a farmers market I want to check out. 

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