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Weighing In

Jeremy comes home this weekend. That means I have been dieting and what not for a month now. It started out easy but I am still on track. I have made some progress, learned some new things, and made some healthy changes.


While I am not as far a long as I hoped, I am still doing decently I think. As you can see from the graph, my weight has fluctuated a lot but I am down 7.3 pounds since I started a month ago. Thanks to USAA taking forever to send me my bankcards I had a couple of weeks where I was eating cheap crap to conserve money. It really affected my motivation and the habits I had been trying to create about eating healthy. I am back on track now and I feel like the weight loss I am experiencing again reflects that.

I did’t start the Couch to 5k program that I wanted to. Honestly I go so busy between everything that I didn’t prioritize it. I should have. I have been working on improving my step count which I have. One thing I did to help with that is to get a new activity tracker. I have had a Fitbit Flex for 6 months now. I bought it used from someone one base and it has been working great until recently. I sometimes have to washes dishes for a while at work and I keep forgetting to take it off, so it has gotten soaked a few times. Plus sometimes I forget to take it off sometimes when I shower. I started looking for a new tracker because I wanted something that would actually show me the steps instead an estimate of percent of my daily goal and I wanted it to be waterproof. Most often when I took my Fitbit off to shower in, I would forget to put it back on. Then I would feel like my steps were wasted since I wasn’t wearing the Fitbit.


Last week someone was selling an Apple Watch on the classifieds for an amazing price and it matched the color of my iPhone. I’ve been wanting an Apple Watch because I love Apple products. I had it for about two days before I turned around and sold it for what I bought it for. It did too much and not enough of what I wanted it to do. Yeah it was nice to see the text messages and notifications but since my iPhone has handsfree Siri, I used it for everything still. I also didn’t like the size of the watch. It felt too big after having the Fitbit. The biggest thing I didn’t like about it was that it had to charge once or twice a day because the battery life for the watch sucked and that was normal for Apple Watches. I felt like the Apple Watch was the worse match for me. Hopefully its new owner likes it better.


So I listened to a friend who recommended the Garmin Vivosmart. It’s exactly what I need. It shows the time and date, my steps so far and how many I need to reach my goal, the distance I walked, and the calories burned. It also lets me know when I have notifications on my phone and I can even read the text messages. Also I can control the music in my iPhone which is so helpful when I listen to music in the shower and can’t reach my phone (I can only hear so many Taylor Swift songs before I go crazy). The best part of the Vivosmart is that its water resistant up to 50m. That means I can shower in it, wash dishes in it, or go swimming it!!! No more forgetting my tracker because of a shower. Yay!!!


I have been increasing my walking. I’m not up to 10K steps a day but I am working on it. I’ve had a lot of work to do on the computer in the past few weeks due everything I do. I have been trying to make time to walk the sea wall but the weather has been awful. I did manage to squeeze in a mile around midnight last night during Typhoon Malakas. It was cold, windy and rainy but I did it. Listening to FitRadio helped (like Rock My Run but FREE!!).


I talked to Jeremy and we are doing two runs next month. On October 1st the American Red Cross is having a Zombie Run. Then on October 8th there is a Color Me Aware run. I have checked with the organizers for both. I can walk them (I am in no shape to run yet). So I need to start walking more to get ready for those.

So I haven’t reached all of my goals yet but I haven’t given up and I am still seeing progress. I have faith that I can be down to at least 300 pounds by November 1st. I do want to thank of y’all for the support and advice that I have received from y’all. I really appreciate the messages from people here on base that have been wanting to walk with me. After this week, things in my schedule will ease up a lot and I will have more time during the day to take you up on those offers.

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  1. Good on you!!
    Keep going- we all have times where we don’t do as well as we want.
    I’ve had the Couch to 5km app downloaded on my phone forever- but I absolutely hate running so have been putting it off! I’ve been trying to eat smart and drink lots of water as I’ve found that is my key to losing weight…. we’ll see how that works out for me! 🙂

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