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Welcome To The Marine Corps Life.


I know marrying a Marine means signing up for the unknown and the uncertainty. I had no idea that life would get crazy this fast though. Before today I thought I had life mapped out fairly well. I figured Jeremy and I would get married in 44 days, sell our current house, move onto TT2 where our friends live until he picked up Sgt, then put in for orders to San Diego. Easy peasy. I had no idea anything would be different. Especially since the orders Jeremy had volunteered for were denied twice for Japan. I mean I knew it was Jeremy’s dream to go to Japan but denied is denied, right? Nope. Not in the Marine Corps. I found that out at 8:30 this morning while we were sitting down for our “before I do” class. Jeremy got a text from Facemire saying they both had orders for Japan. Jeremy was to go to Iwakuni and Facemire was to go to Okinawa. We both thought it had to be a joke. I’m mean seriously. The orders were just denied last week. Nope. Its a three year assignment. And the kicker- we go just a few weeks after the wedding! So now not only am I planning an out of state wedding but I’m also planning an out of country move to half way around the world???? Lord have mercy on me.

Tonight we started on getting stuff ready. I let my boss know that my last day would be right before the wedding. She was pissed but at this point I have too many other things to worry about. We also got stuff to start packing up the house. Now starts the fun part of trying to figure out what goes to Japan, what to sell and what to put into storage. This is going to be insane. We have already decided that we are going to sell my jeep and put Jeremy’s car into storage. His, while it maybe older, has much fewer miles. As for everything else, I need to figure out a starting place.

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