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Well… Now What To Do?

It is the night before Typhoon/ Tropical Storm Malakas blows in and I have made a grave mistake. I didn’t ration the show I was binge watching while Jeremy was gone and now I have run out of things to watch. I had picked Sex And The City to binge watch. I figured it had enough seasons to keep me going the whole time. It would have been if I didn’t have it playing constantly in the background while I was doing things like school work or blogging or editing photos.

I did know about the show until probably about 2007 or 2008 because I was a teenager when it first came out and I didn’t watch shows like that while living with my parents.  I watched it all before the first movie came out and I loved the show. I was in my mid 20’s and had been through a few bad dating episodes of my own and few awful breakups. It was one of the first tv shows I could relate to while watching.

This time watching now was interesting because I kept noticing how far the technology has come and shaped our lives. The first few seasons no one really had a cell phone. Even by the last episode Carrie was only up to a flip phone. Can you imagine how different things would have been if they had the iPhones we use now a days? Or if they used social media? That could have made for a few interesting episodes. I remember during (I think) season 4 where Aiden bought Carrie a blue mac laptop and I couldn’t help but think about how I use to want a laptop like that back in high school. I loved how they could be different colors (I knew nothing about computers back then). I don’t know much about computers still (more than back in high school but not an expert) but I do have an iMac desktop I use to write on. I am saving up for a MacBook but that will probably be a while (unless Santa reads this blogs).

Watching the show also made me think back on some of a few my past relationships and once I thought about those, I was reminded to be grateful for the relationship I have now. I have been some sweet guys and I have been with some nightmares. I am still friends with at least two of my exes. The others I have lost contact with either because they were assholes or because of circumstances. Mostly because they were assholes. I had horrible taste in men. I had a bad habit of dating men that needed fixing. I would try my hardest to make their lives better and it would always blow up in my face (Carrie’s relationships were a lot like mine). When I met Jeremy, I wasn’t really expecting it to turn into romance. He is 8 years younger than me and I had never dated younger than me before. We were both coming out of toxic relationships and we helped each other heal.

Where before I identified with Carrie the most because of what my dating life was like, now I kind of identify with something from each of them. Carrie I identify with now because I am a blogger. Yeah its not the same as her writing for a newspaper but its pretty close. It would be cool to be a writer like her. Samantha I now identify with the ease she could move past petty drama. Living on this base has taught me how say “f*** you” to drama and move on. With Miranda, I want a kid but I’m not necessarily ready for one. Also I really need a maid like Magda. Where I can I find a cleaner like that??? Charlotte is who I identify with the most now. Her relationship with Harry (not who she thought she would marry) is similar to my relationship with Jeremy. He is nothing like the other guys I’ve dated and not what who I thought I would marry but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus Jeremy and I have been talking about looking into starting the adoption process next year.

Well now that I have binged watched that show, I don’t know what I am going to watch now. Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t start until Friday here. I’m all caught up on Catfish and Teen Mom. I can’t watch any of the shows I watch with Jeremy until he gets home this weekend.  Please recommend a tv show to watch. Or decent scary movies. I haven’t seen a good one in a while. I take that back. I did watch “The Darkness” last night. Katniss likes scary movies but this one freaked her out because the spirits were attacking the cat, Keensy. I snapped this picture right afterwards. I think I need to start screening movies before she watches them. She is still a kitten after all.




6 thoughts on “Well… Now What To Do?

  1. Catniss is adorable! Have you watched a movie called Hush? I enjoyed it very much, the first film I watched when I got Netflix. there is an adorable cat in the film who does not get killed! it is a stylish chiller, well acted and made by a young new director, who also acts in it…..

    1. Okay. So I just finished watching Hush. That was a trippy movie but I liked it. Katniss and Bagheera both got scared when the cat ran into the bad guy (I’m not sure which one meowed at the screen). This was a good movie. Any more suggestions?

      1. I loved a movie called Slingblade with my favourite Billy Bob Thornton in it, an old one, in which he acted, produced, directed etc. and then his Fargo on tv. for which he won awards?!

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