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When The Cat’s Away The Mice Will Stay Busy With Work And Friends

For the first time in a long time I am actually busy everyday. I am happy I am getting out the house and socializing more. I have a bad habit of becoming a hermit when Jeremy goes away. I’m really working hard to change that.

As you know Monday I went to Hiroshima. Tuesday I went out to lunch with Danielle. We wanted something healthy so we went to Mameka. It’s a tiny cafe near base that we have been trying to go to but its been closed everytime we have gone. Anyways we went on Tuesday. They said they were open but we were told it was by reservation only and that we could go to Studio 18 next door. We found out that Studio 18 is a cafe that happens to serve food from Mameka. We order the same meal. It was chicken and potatoes cooked in white wine, a piece of yam coated in toasted coconut, a salad with a light dressing, a slice of Japanese omelette, white rice with seaweed, tomato and eggplant bruschetta, and miso soup. For our drinks I got a coconut latte and Danielle got a caramel latte. Everything was delicious.

Today I met with Saori from Explore Translation. She offers translating services, cooking classes, tours around Iwakuni. She wants to help people on the base to experience Japan and help local businesses to cater to the people on the base. It was great talking to her. She is going to help me start reaching out to businesses so that I can start sharing some the amazing cultural things that we can do here. I have met so many people on this base that haven’t really experienced much of Japan despite being here for years. With Saori’s help I hope to change that. I want people to love Japan as much as Jeremy and I do. On Monday I am taking part in a cooking class that she is offering near MaxValu. It is for both Americans and Nationals. They will be making manicotti, cheese stuffed meatballs, and caprese. It’s only $20 and they offer free childcare. It seems like it will be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the class.


Tomorrow I work both of my jobs. I have my class at 4 and then doing delivery at the Rib House afterwards. I’m excited for the class tomorrow because we are dying Easter Eggs. I know its September but tomorrow the theme for the class is the letter E and I found the kits at the MCX. It should be fun. I debating on doing hardboiled eggs or blowing the yoke and whatnot out and letting them just dye the shells. If I do the latter the kids can keep the eggs plus I don’t know if they would eat a bunch of hardboiled eggs.

This weekend I am taking a photography class with Ashley Wills. It is going to help not only my skills as a photographer but also help me as business woman. Ever since we came to this base I have admired Ashley’s skills as a photographer. Hopefully this class will help make me more like her.

On Monday Ashley and I are going to Hotel & Resort Sunshine Sazanseto on Oshima Island for a girls getaway. Saori helped us make the arrangements for this girls trip. I am so looking forward to this trip. After this busy week I will need some relaxation. This resort seems amazing. It has an onsen that is tattoo friendly, a spa, an indoor pool and the resort is on the beach. Definitely follow my Instagram on Monday to check out this resort with us.

I have a busy few days ahead of me but it will all be fun and exciting. So many new things for me to try out. I am really looking forward to it all and also to sharing it all with y’all.

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun being stationed overseas. You talk about being on base, so I’m guessing you must be a military family? It sounds really exciting, actually!

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