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When The World Stops. 

I know it has been a while since I have posted. At the beginning it was because I was so busy with teaching and exploring Japan that I didn’t have a chance to sit down and write. Then two weeks ago my world stopped.

My amazing father passed away. I’m still coming to terms with it. He had an adventurous 68 years on this planet and I was blessed to be apart of the last 32 years.

John Henry Butler was born on June 2, 1947 in Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in Pitman and Cherry Hill, NJ with his mom, Haskell Vance Butler; his dad Henry Caston Butler; and his younger brother, Richard Coy Butler.


He was a hero. He served in the Navy from 1964 to 1968. He also served in the Army from 1969 to 1976. He served two tours in Vietnam.


After his military career, my dad became a police officer. He worked his way up from being an investigator to being a captian. Along the way he helped many people get their start and encouraged them to continue trying the best. Since his death, I have heard from a few different people about how my dad gave them a chance when no one else would. I also heard how when racism was really bad in the 70’s, my dad showed nothing but kindness to the first African American female officer for Chapel Hill Police Department.

While working as a police officer, he met my mother, Pam. They were married September 12, 1981.


A few years later me and my little sister, Magan were born. My parents gave us a great childhood. Thanks to them we have a love of reading and history, we enjoy exploring and going on adventures, and meeting new people.




As you know this past March Jeremy and I were wed. My dad was so proud to walk me down the aisle and to do the daddy and daughter dance. I’m so glad I could have these memories. I’m also glad I was able to find an amazing man that my dad would approve of.

I have a million happy memories of my dad. I will treasure them forever. I will share them with my children so they know who their grandfather is and all the amazing things he did.

While I miss my dad I am not mourning him as much as my mom and sister. I know I should feel sadder but it’s hard when I know he is still around. On the way to the funeral, there was a man on the side of the road with a sign that said “it’s okay to smile”. He made eye contact with each of us and made the motion to smile. Also every time we are in the car, Adele’s new song comes on but usually it’s in the middle where it says “Hello from the other side”. My dad supported my paranormal investigating and I know he will make contact if can. When Jeremy and I get back to Japan I plan on using my ovilus to try and talk to him. It’s hard to be completely sad knowing I’ll see him again.


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