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White Day In Japan

On Monday, Japan celebrated White Day. As mentioned in my post about how Valentine’s Day was celebrated over here in Japan, Valentine’s Day is mainly for the men. Then on March 14, the women get to be the ones showered with chocolates and presents.

I was quite surprised that it wasn’t celebrated largely as Valentine’s Days. I went to many stores that had small displays but no where near to the level that Valentine’s Day displays. I was also surprised that many of the chocolates were brown instead of white like I had told by many they would be.

Our favorite grocery store had the first display up that I could find. Where before there were two rows on Valentine’s day, for White Day there was an end cap and one side of a row. I also noticed that the most of the candies seem to be directed towards children.

At YouMe Town they had a rather large display but again it was mostly geared towards children. Also the only non-edible items for white day were boxes of women’s underwear. I did not take pictures of these because I was already getting dirty looks from an elderly couple for taking pictures of the candy.

Last week while in Hiroshima I saw a cookie store that had speciality cookies for White Day. While each of the boxes were different on the outside, they all had the same cookies n the inside. The cookies were quite good with flavors like strawberry chocolate chip, apple custard, cornflake chocolate chip, and strawberry milk.


Other than a message from Facebook, Jeremy and I didn’t really celebrate White Day. Maybe next year we will celebrate the two holidays like the Japanese.

12 thoughts on “White Day In Japan

  1. My first time in Japan I was surprised by a bunch of chocolates on my desk for White Day! I guess it was thanks to my hard work giving out chocolates on Valentine’s Day to all my male colleagues. I’m always torn on May14th whether to celebrate White Day or Pi Day. Hard call. Jessy

  2. When I taught English in Korea, they told me about White Day. They celebrate both White Day and Valentine’s as well. As I remember the rules are mostly the same. I thought it was funny when one of my students was mad at her boyfriend because she said he gave her white candy and “he knows I like chocolate!”
    I said, “But it’s White Day. He was confused.” I guess it was a hard lesson for her in how clueless men can be. Lol

  3. Wow!!! So much cool stuff. I grew up on these! Sanrio..mashimaru..rilakkuma..i can totally go wild on these things. Lucky gal-

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