Paranormal Housewife

Who Is The Paranormal Housewife?

You’re probably asking, “Who is the Paranormal Housewife?”.

This is me. This is who I am.

My name is Kelly. I’m 35 years old. A Taurus. My favorite color is either light blue or silver depending on my mood. I have a loving husband named Jeremy who is a badass Marine. I also have two adorable kitties named Katniss Everpurr and Bagheera. For the most part I am just your normal girl next door. I love to veg out watching scary movies or old tv shows on Netflix; I write pen pal letters to various people around the world, deployed men and women, and inmates; enjoy trying new recipes with my husband; cuddling my cats; reading often; among other things.

As normal as my life may seem, it usually isn’t long before something paranormal pops up whether it is dealing with actual spirits or someone asking questions about ghost hunting. It really doesn’t take long for it to come up in conversation. Especially when people ask how Jeremy and I met. Not everyone can say that ghosts brought two people together or served as a relationship counselor. Those are stories for a later date though.

I don’t remember a time when ghosts weren’t a part of my life. I can remember things happen even when I was a young child. The first house my family lived in in Chapel Hill, NC was haunted by the previous owner, Connie. He was a friend of the family who use to live in the house. I remember my parents talking about an alcove that would emit a ringing phone noise that would make their friends ask if that was their husband’s calling for them. This was back in the day before cell phones. When people had land lines. There wasn’t a phone in the alcove. I also remember my parents talking about how my cousin, Richard, once asked who the man in the bathroom was. No one was in the bathroom, but Richard could see him. The bathroom mirror would occasionally end up in hallway. It couldn’t have fallen and landed in that location. Plus, it was never broken when it wound up in the hallway.

Another story my family likes to tell us about is how my Nanny (Dad’s mom) came by on Christmas Eve. My parents were sitting in the living room around midnight wrapping Christmas presents for me and my sister when the front door closed. The glass screen door was closed and there were no windows open. The door shouldn’t have shut by itself. A little while later they received a call stating that she had passed around the time the door shut. My Dad said that he thinks that was Nanny saying goodbye on last time.

Even after my family moved to the next town over, we still dealt with spirits. The most vivid memories I have about spirits in that house were both when I was in my early teens. Both my sister and I witnessed the same spirit. Behind our house we had a large work house that we used as storage. One day I was digging through the boxes and found an old vintage Budweiser clock. I thought it was really cool and brought it back into house. I set it up on the desk by our bunkbeds. That night I was awoken by a thumping noise. Groggily I looked around for the source of the noise. I was surprise to see a girl reaching for the clock. She was tiny and couldn’t reach it. Every time she would miss touching the alarm clock, her arm would hit the desk causing a knocking noise. I couldn’t tell much about her features because she was more like a thick, opaque white mist. I could tell she was young and that she had curly, ringlet hair. I couldn’t see her feet because she faded away at the bottom of her night gown or dress, but I could tell she was on her tippy toes because she would suddenly get shorter and then rise back up a few inches. I watched her do this a few times. Then she just faded away. A few months later my sister (she was 7 or 8 years old) was acting weird. I asked her what was up, and she said that a few days earlier she had gone into our closet to get something and there was a girl sitting on the floor of the closet playing with our monopoly set. Magan, my sister, described the same girl as the one I had seen reaching for the clock. Magan said that she just shut the door and walked away. She didn’t want to disturb the spirit. We didn’t see the little girl again.


It’s because of Dad that I have such a closeness to the spirit world. He always taught me and my sister to treat spirits with respect. He told us that if we saw a ghost or spirit to not be alarmed or to run but to treat them like a living person who came to say hello. He told us that spirits don’t come around to cause harm. They usually have a reason for why they came around whether it was to check on a loved one, a place or object that held intense feelings, or they just felt like passing through. As I explored more of the world of spirits and later became a paranormal investigator, I’ve kept his advice about how to treat the spirts that I come across.

How I became a paranormal investigator is a story for another day.

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