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Who’s A Good Ghost?

Most everyone I meet loves dogs. Dogs are typically loving and faithful, unlike most humans. In fact, when I meet a human that doesn’t like dogs, I make sure I steer clear of those folks as much as possible. I will trust a dog’s judgment of a person or situation over that of a person’s judgment. In fact, when I first started dating my now husband, I told him that when I took him home to meet my dad, he would also have to pass my dog’s approval as well. Thankfully both Dad and Cujo loved him. My ex before Jeremy did not get along with Cujo at all. I should have listened to Cujo and avoided that heartache but at least listening to Cujo lead me to a long, happy relationship with Jeremy.
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One thought on “Who’s A Good Ghost?

  1. Dogs are the best, I don’t think I would want to bring one along on a Cryptic research investigating outing however; I just rest some in depth detailed accounts of eyewitnesses encounters on line. And was studying thee the ‘Mothman’ the Point Pleasant encounters around the time of the bridge collapse. There were many eye witness encounters, shit, one stood up behind a parked car as two couples were visiting at friends home, and it so freaked out one lady a young mother who became paralyzed with terror, she dropped her baby on the ground. The dad picked up the baby and they all got inside the house, where huge winged black hideous glowing red eyed creature attempted to break in. the young woman was way messed up and had nervous breakdown and a long and many horrid nightmares after. Another eye witness a young 18 year old girl got affixed with the creatures glowing red eyes and got really messed up, staring at those red eyes physically damaged her eyes, burn them. Like staring at the sun for hours kind of messed up, then she was almost abducted by the Men in Black, but they took off in the black sedan. She moved to a relative’s home and all kinds of Poltergeist activity started happening. As for dogs, it started when one man’s Television screen turned into a fine haring bone display patter across the picture tube, and it started screaming wild and crazy, his dog started going crazy howling and barking aggressively. He and his dog went out on the porch and the creature was in his barn. He dog was going wild and broke loose. It went for the huge black winged creature with the red glowing eyes and was never seen by the old man again. I strongly believe ‘the horror movie ‘Jeepers – Creeper’s was filmed with a lot of the happening there at that time. A group of two couple were being chased down in their car by the creature at incredible speed. Not even a flapping of its wings. As the couples were leaving the Point Pleasant police station they saw a god carcass along the side of the road. The farmer dog. Read it all on line type in Nennelly – Inhumanoid – real encounters that happened. Its’ in PDF format. Just click on it on Google all. Let it all load fully. Then read, many hundreds of cases of various inhumanoid creatures and entities. I have never read of so many things out there. And Check out the ‘Grave Digger’ creatures while you’re there, that one will reek you out as much as the rake will. I think you’ll really enjoy the PDF EBook. Open front page is a lizard man. All if it is an incredible read. Also check out Phantoms and Monsters the pulse of the Paranormal Ron Stricklers web page, with daily fresh new up loads. have fun.

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