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You Me And Friends

In July a new You Me Town mall opened in Hatsukaichi outside of Hiroshima. Charrleen, Jeremy and I decide to drive up to check it one day. Since this was during the period our car was refusing to be safe while breaking, we rented a car on base to drive up. One of the perks of renting a car on base was that the cost of the tolls were included in the rental cost. I’m not sure how much the tolls were up there and back because we just handed them a voucher whenever we reached a toll booth. It took about an hour to drive up there.

All three of us were use to the You Me Town here in Iwakuni and we were expecting something similar. We were so wrong. It was so much more than the one here. To begin with there is a MASSIVE parking deck that is a couple of stories high. Each row of parking has electronic signs letting us know which row has parking available and which parking space was empty. It was great not having to drive up and down rows trying to find a space on a busy Saturday.

Once we were parked we enter You Me Town. It ended up being a 3 story mall. The bottom floor had mostly restaurants. The restaurants varied in style and offerings. We walked around for a bit to try and figure out which one we wanted to go to for lunch.

This restaurant offered everything fried.
This restaurant offered a variety of soup like dishes.

We ended up choosing the Red Dragon restaurant. It seemed to have something we all liked for a decent price. I picked out black and white gyoza as an appetizer. The black gyoza was colored with squid ink. They tasted interesting. As an entree I got a dish comprised of liver and leeks. I’m one of those weird people that loves liver. This dish was amazing.



After lunch we decided to start at the top floor and work our way back down to the first floor. First thing we see when we get upstairs is a Starbucks. I’ve missed Starbucks so of course we had to stop there. After I ordered my Cool Lime Refresher and while we waited for it to be made, Jeremy and I noticed a bowl on the counter. It had origami paper in it and was filled with origami cranes. They had it there for people to make the cranes while they waited for their drinks. We probably would have attempted making one but our drinks were ready too quickly.



Once we left Starbucks we walked around looking at the different shops. Most on the top level seemed like gift shops offering purses, wallets, tourist t-shirts, and children’s toys. Half way through we found the pet store. This was honestly the real reason we drove an hour to You Me Town. This pet shop is something we had never heard about and were very interested to see it. Besides having puppies and kittens (no full grown dogs and cats), this pet shop has exotic animals I haven’t seen in person before. They had meerkats, prairie dogs, wombats, sugar gliders and piebald ravens.



Most of the second floor was clothing stores that seemed to strangely offer the exact same clothes but arranged in different ways. When we went back down to the first floor, we also found a large grocery store and a Kripsy Kreme. Charrleen decided that she wanted to go check out the Krispy Kreme before we headed home. We were both expecting normal flavors like we found back in the states but some of the flavors were more savory than sweet. Some of the flavors we had no idea what they were suppose to be. Neither one of us were brave enough to try one of them. Perhaps next time.



I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully we will be able to go back in the next few weeks.

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