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You Me And Gyoza House

This morning I decided to have a lazy day. I slept in until 10am and then just lounged around the hotel and flipping back and forth between Shark Week and Lifetime movies. It felt great to not have to do anything. About 3pm I decided to actually do something productive, so I got dressed and went to the commissary across the street. I’m still figuring out this commissary. It’s small and offers only a limited amount of stuff and the prices range from very cheap to very expensive. Things that I would only pay a $1 or $1.50 for in the states is now $1.99 or $2.99. Somethings, like canned soup, I’m either going to have to do without or learn to make from scratch and freeze the extra. But on the other side of the price range, you can get things incredibly cheap, like yellow onions were $.39 a pound. I managed to get groceries for the next week for about $90. I had to be careful about checking the expiration dates because, even on the can goods, things are often close to expiring. I did find a few things that today was their expiration date and some of the meats were sell by yesterday. The fun part was lugging everything back upstairs to the hotel room. At least when we live in Yuri Tower I will be able to bring the cart with me (they have a place to park them in lobby and you just take one with you when you go to the commissary) and I will have an elevator to take me upstairs.

Tonight Jeremy and I went out with some of the guys from his shop and their wives. We went to this  restaurant that everyone calls “The Gyoza House” even though that’s not its name. I’m not sure what the name really is though. Everyone goes to the Gyoza House for their ramen. We were excited to have our first bowl of Japanese ramen. I had a pork based ramen and Jeremy had a miso based ramen. My was delicious!! Surprisingly, even though I had order pork ramen (or thought I did at least), there was pieces of shrimp and octopus in my soup. They were yummy but not what I was expecting. I really liked the quail eggs in the soup. They pop in your mouth and the yolk is oozy and salty. Jeremy and I split an order of gyoza. They were really yummy. I have no idea what kind of meat was inside of them but it was very flavorful.

After dinner we all went to You Me Town because Jeremy and I have never been there before. You Me Town is like a mall within one store. The downstairs area is a large grocery store and alcohol store. This is the cheapest alcohol I have ever seen (currently $1=¥122).

In the grocery store area I was amazed at all the different types of fish they had. Especially the dried fish. I’m not sure if I will be using these in a recipe anytime soon.

I found lots of yummy things like milk tea by the liter, various types of jellos, and tons of different cookies. I even found a section of ice cream flavored cookies.

The upstairs part of the store sold clothes (kids and adults), housewares, appliances, kids toys, bath stuff, stationary and office supplies, scrapbooking supplies, purses, shoes, and I don’t even know what else. They also had a Spencer’s like store that sold pop culture stuff and excentric hair colors. There was also an arcade upstairs.

You Me Town has everything in one location. After Jeremy and I get a car, we will definitely be coming back to shop. I may start grocery shopping here since things seem so much fresher. I can’t wait to come back again.

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